Ather 450X Series1 Collector’s Edition Breaks Cover

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The Ather 450X Series1 Collector’s Edition celebrates those early-bird customers who decided to book the scooter by showing complete faith in the company. The limited edition model gets an all-new colour scheme and the first-ever translucent panels exposing the aluminium frame underneath.

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Deliveries for the Ather 450X Series1 Collector’s Edition will begin in November 2020

The Ather 450X was unveiled on January 28, 2020, and the upgraded scooter from the Bengaluru-based start-up wowed us with its performance. However, Ather had opened order books for the 450X much before the official unveil and a few early-bird customers decided to pre-book the scooter without knowing much about it. In fact, Ather says that these few thousand customers decided to book the 450X without knowing the price, specifications or even seeing images of the offering. Celebrating their faith in the company, Ather has now revealed the new 450X Series1 Collector’s Edition that will be limited to those first customers of the electric scooter.

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The new Ather 450X Series1 Collector’s Edition gets translucent panels at the side made of polycarbonate

The Ather 450X Series1 will be limited in volumes and the company says it wanted to do something beyond the usual branded merchandise to show its appreciation. It’s from here that the Collector’s Edition was born and gets an all-new gloss-black paint scheme specific to this version. However, the big change are the new translucent side panels on the Collector’s edition that partially exposes the hybrid aluminum frame underneath, celebrating the underpinnings of the offering.


The red highlights add a sporty contrast over the gloss-black finish on the limited edition scooter

The idea of translucent panels has been explored on conceptual stage by several auto companies, but Ather becomes the first to put it into series production in India. This gives the Ather 450X Series1 something special to boast about. The brand says that much of the performance and ride-ability on the 450 as well as the 450X comes from the aluminium frame and the Series1 edition celebrates the engineering and technical prowess of the product design.

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The translucent side panels expose the aluminium trellis frame underneath & Ather wanted to celebrate this aspect of product design

The new translucent panels are made of polycarbonate instead of ABS used on the standard versions. The material was chosen to get the translucent properties right while maintaining the integrity of the design. Polycarbonate shaves of a few grams off the weight too, but won’t be a big change in terms of performance. So what you end up seeing is the trellis frame at the side. And just to answer that question lingering in your head right now, no, the contents of the underseat are not visible. The underseat storage space is covered and that helps keep your privacy intact.


The gloss-black paint scheme offers a nearly mirror-like finish and is limited only to the Collector’s Edition

The new colour option also makes the Ather 450X Series1 command your attention. The limited edition electric scooter’s gloss-black paint scheme is starkly different from the matte black, white and mint green colours that are on sale. Ather strongly insists that the gloss-black finish is specific to the Series1 with no plans to put it into series production, although we think the company should consider otherwise.


The exposed trellis frame on the 450X remains one of the standout visuals on the e-scooter and is painted red as well

Bringing a nice contrast to the all-black finish are the red highlights. The ‘1’ badge with the racing stripe on the front apron makes it distinctive and stands out, while the exposed trellis frame under the seat is finished in red as well to complement the rest of the aesthetics. The wheel rim decals finished in red are different as well. The new colours also extend to the 7-inch touchscreen instrument console on the 450X Series1 that gets a special introduction sequence with subtle hints of red added to the user interface of the system.


The red highlights extend to the wheel rim on the Ather 450X Series1

The 450X Series1 does not get any changes to the performance. The scooter continues to draw power from the 6 kW electric motor that develops about 8 bhp and 26 Nm of peak torque, while power from the 2.9 kWh lithium-ion battery. It also gets the same riding modes – Eco, Ride, Sport and the new high-performance ‘Warp’. Ather claims a range of 80 km on a single charge.


The 450X Series1 gets a new intro sequence for the dashboard with subtle red hints

While the pandemic delayed things by a few months, Ather is raring to go forward and expand its horizon. The company has already confirmed its pan India expanson plan that will see the brand enter 11 new cities by March next year. This includes Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Pune, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kochi, Coimbatore, Kolkata and the latest addition – Kozhikode. There could be newer additions to this list, the company insists.

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Deliveries for the 450X Series1 will begin from November 2020 but the initial batches will get gloss-black panels instead of the translucent ones. It will be replaced in May 2021

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Ather Energy will be rolling out the 450X Series 1 Collector’s Edition in November this year for its first customers. The limited edition version is available at the same price as the standard version and the company aims to complete the production run of the few thousand Series 1 scooters by March 2021. The company also says that the initial batches of the Series 1 scooters will ship out with gloss-black finished side panels, which will be upgraded to the translucent ones in May 2021.

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