Evidence of Alien Wars on Dwarf Planet

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Rajatkumar Dani
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Rajatkumar Dani is a world-renowned researcher of ancient history and extraterrestrial. He is a youngest researcher of time and had won the distinguished awards of India. He is widely known for his works on before Big bang theory, Connection of god and aliens, Time traveling, galaxy clusters, and other unknown historical mysteries.

On February 19, 2015, NASA’s Dawn spacecraft sent back to Earth images of mysterious bright lights reflecting off the surface of a dwarf planet called Ceres.

While some scientists have suggested that the lights are the result of something natural like an ice field or escaping gas, higher-resolution images have failed to uncover the
true cause of the reflections.

Four months later in June, the Dawn spacecraft captured even more incredible images, images that reveal what looks
like a three-mile-tall pyramid.

These are possibly technological structures.

So this brings up the question, is it possible that these were built by extraterrestrials?

Instead of looking at the creation myths from Sumer as mythology, maybe this is scientific data that we should be revisiting.

Might further exploration of Ceres reveal evidence that it
once served as refuge for the survivors of an alien war?

As per my Theories, yes

and claim that according to the Sumerian texts, these warring extraterrestrial factions also took refuge on another planet– Earth.

And they propose that stories found throughout the world of gods waging battle in the skies suggest that this
otherworldly conflict continued once the survivors
reached their new home planet.

All over the world, we’re seeing evidence of these
ancient wars that took place.

They took place in Greece.

They took place in Norse mythology, all throughout
Mesoamerican symbolism. And consistently, what we’re seeing is some sort of battle for control over the Earth.

When you look at many of these ancient tales, it would seem to be that the gods are warring amongst themselves over us.

This lends to an intriguing possibility– that we are the
descendants of the winners and that there are certain
groups that are pushing for us and really rallying because, in fact, we are their direct descendants.

They created us through some sort of genetic engineering. And then there’s other factions that want to wipe us off the face of the earth completely.

And those wars may still be being fought right now.

Are humans the descendants of a race of alien beings
whose home planet was destroyed thousands of years ago?

Might the ancient stories of warring gods really be accounts of separate extraterrestrial factions that were fighting for
control of the Earth and may still be fighting for it today?

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