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The actress Shehnaaz Gill shot to immense fame and popularity after her appearance in season 13 of the Indian reality show, Bigg Boss. She ended up being a second runner up in the show and shot to prominence after her viral lines – Tuada Kutta Tommy, Saada Kutta Kutta!

Yes, the actress’s dialogues from one of the episodes of Bigg boss was enhanced by the composer, Yashraj Mukhate who turned her dialogues into a piece of viral music.

This sensational creation led the Indian audiences to go crazy and we became even more curious to know more about the actress. So, today with this post, we have gathered some fun facts about the model and singer Shehnaaz gill. Let’s have a look:

Born and brought up in Punjab, this Punjabi Kudi Belongs to a Sikh family who always had a desire of becoming an actor and a singer. She is even addressed as the Katrina Kaif of Punjab by her fans.

Born in 1993, the actress is aged 27 years as of now and is popular by the names of Sana Gill and Shehnaaz Sana. The actor Salman Khan also started to address the actress by her nickname Sana during various episodes of the show. 

Sana’s mother’s name is Parminder Kaur and she has a brother named Shehbaz Badesha. During one of the episodes of the show, the actress revealed that she has not been on good terms with her family because of her sour relationship with her ex.

She even stated that the things have got back to normal now and she would stay with them as soon as she gets out of the house. 

She considers her mother as her idol and she is the one who means the whole world to her.

After her appearance in the Bigg Boss, the actress transformed herself completely by shedding off 12 kilos weight and made her fans drool over her mesmerizing looks. 

Getting into the details about her relationship, the actress was said to be living in a live-in relationship for more than 2 years. On being asked about her breakup, the actress revealed that her ex got involved in drugs which eventually turned things bad.

This did not only affect her ex’s health but also hers since she was the one who had to bear the consequences of her breaking relationship and cried all day long. 

Not only this, the actress tried to be a good partner and was eager to help him get rid of his addiction however, her ex would not listen to her! She even mentioned that he had now moved on in his life and has got married to someone else. 

Shenaaz became a part of the controversy for mocking up on Himanshi Khurana’s song I Like It. This raised a catfight between the actresses and things got worse when Himanshi was made a part of the show, Bigg Boss alongside Shehnaaz.

Not only this, Shehnaaz continuously poked Himanshi and called her overweight, and slammed the actress for her body. She didn’t stop and went on to speak ill things about the family of Himanshi which triggered a big catfight amongst the two.

This catfight became one of the most loved elements of the show and was enjoyed thoroughly by the audience. 

Shehnaaz accused her makeup artists, Rajan Passi and Addy of recording videos and taking pictures of her and even alleged the two of taking advantage of her innocence.

She mentioned that these recordings and pictures were shared by them with Himanshi who would certainly exploit the same against her. 

Sana went on to Lovely Professional University for her graduation, however, she mentioned not completing her studies and left in the third year of college since she started getting good projects. 

While the actress was in the Bigg Boss house, her song Veham got released which crossed 20 million views and has now reached 34 million!! 

The actress started her career in modeling in 2015 and the same year, she featured in the song Shiv Di Kitaab by Gurvinder Brar. 

The actress made her debut on the silver screen in 2019 with the Punjabi movie, Kala Shah Kala alongside famous actress Sargun Mehta. 

Apart from the song Veham, the actress has also sung songs like Range and Sidewalk. 

A fitness enthusiast who does not only possess a passion for the gym but also loves cars and is seen sharing her pictures posing along with various cars. 

Her dialogues from an episode of Bigg Boss 13 went viral on social media after it was improvised by the famous composer Yashraj Mukhate.

His composition on the dialogue shot the actress to immense popularity overnight and its lyrics go like, “Ni to kya Karun fir, Marr jaun? Meri koi feelings nhi hai, tumhari feelings tumhari? Tuada Kutta Tommy Sada Kutta Kutta”!!


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