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The Most Controversial Revolutionary of India, Veer Savarkar

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Veer Savarkar or Coward Savarkar?

Someone who didn’t believe in the caste system or someone who incites violence in the name of religion.

A patriot or A traitor?

In Our Country There is hardly any figure as controversial as him. Today we are going to tell you some thing from our history that have been hidden from you!

In a Reality, Savarkar was a “Vinayak”!

So Who was Veer Savarkar?

I am not the right person to answer this! but I can tell you the story of Vinayak!

26th Feburary 1966

Today, is his Death Anniversary

If you are Marathi, You must’ve read his poems!

He was a Chitpavan Bramhin from Maharashtra! But he didn’t think hinduism is a religion. A Brahmin is saying that Hinduism is not a religion but it is a geographic and cultural identity!

Yes, He Believed that hinduism is a way of life and religion is a western concept. He started dining with his friends. Who were considered low caste in those times. He even opened a temple in Maharashtra where people from every Caste were welcome.

He was the most wanted criminal in the British Raj! His crime was his weapon! his weapon wasn’t a gun. His Weapon was his pen.

Veer Savarkar wrote a lot of things in his life, Books, Poems. But we talk only about his one masterpiece. His “mercy petition” to the British.

What was the situation?

He was the first to recognise 1857 uprising was not a mutiny. He was the first to demand “PURNA SWARAJ”.

Total Independence!

Veer Savarkar was a sharp student. He got a scholarship to go to London and get a law degree from there! and that’s when the story of india house begins.

It was the centre of political activism against the British, In their own home London.

Madam Cama, V.N Chatterjee, Lala har Dayal and many other revolutionaries Including Vinayak Savarkar.

Over here all of these people would get inspired by Italian and Irish revolutionaries. They would study them and learn from them.

The British were always scared of 1857 uprising . They knew if the armed forces revolted again the British won’t be able to win.

Veer Savarkar realized that the British are trying to hide facts from the public. He wrote the book “the Indian war of independence 1857”. This book became the guidebook of every Indian revolutionary including Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and Subhas Chandra Bose. He was supplying guns to Indian revolutionaries and when Madanlal Dhingra assassinated curson wyllie.

Veer Savarkar was arrested!

This is the same person, Who was given the most brutal punishment in the history of British rule two life sentences of 25 years back to back in Andaman’s Cellular jail. Life in the cellular jail was a living hell.

His Term started with 6 months of solitary confinement. You can’t talk to anyone, but just look at other prisoners being hung to death.

During the day the prisoners would have to extract coconut and mustard oil using a machine like this.

Every prisoner had a daily quota, If that target is not met. Then they’d be whipped and you know the worst part. There was religious discrimination even in jail all the jailers were either British or Pathans.

Prisoners over there were getting converted. They would have to beg or bribe to get basic things even to use the toilet.

Even in these insufferable conditions. He knew that it was his responsibility to get out to help the nation. He knew that he is useless for the country if he’s in prison and that’s why he wrote petitions so that he could get out and not just for himself but for other prisoners too. He was called “bada babu” even in prison. He was their leader. He was barrister. He Knew his rights.

He never asked for mercy.

Veer Savarkar wrote petitions to understand his status as a prisoner even prisoners have rights. He did whatever he could to get out.

Not for his Own good. But for the good of our Country.

If without knowing these facts we call him a coward, then this punishment is worse than kalapani. Vinayak was in Kalapani in conditions that we can’t even imagine and still, even over there. He remained true to himself.

After a whole day of hardships and brutality. He would return to his cell and do the thing that he does the best. He would write poetry because that’s who he was. He was a poet. But nobody. talks about this writing of his people talk about his so called “Mercy Petition”. Crime for which even the court had pronounced him innocent.

In India we have this system, we have been told again and again that we got our independance without going to war against the British. Actually…there was a war an Underground war.

While we have chapters about Ahimsa. Non Cooperation and Satyagraha,Bhagat Singh, Bose and Mandanlal Dhingra are one liners. A 5 Minute article cannot cover their entire life but it can definitely start a conversation.

Something that our history textbooks do not do and that is what is what I want to do right now. I want to use Today’s media to start a conversation about real india.

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