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A middle-class family is truly one of the most hit people in society. However, growing up in such a family is truly a fun-loving experience that has its drawbacks and fun.

Yes, why we use the word “fun” right here is because of the quirky habits of the middle-class families that portray how we can bring the full usage of the limited resources provided to humans.

While this might sound a bit ‘chindi’ to you, these unique and jugaadu attitudes of middle-class people are worth a watch. So today, with this post, we have recollected some of the instances that only happen in Indian middle-class homes. Let’s have a look:

Throwing away old clothes is a big no-no!


Have you ever seen the expressions on your mother’s face when you ask her to throw away your t-shirt? Well, every middle-class home has a habit of reusing the old clothes as either a mop or a dusting cloth. Right!?

When your kitchen shelves are stocked up with some random jars and containers.


Reuse and recycle is probably the main motto of any middle-class family. When you get surprised by seeing a danish cookie box at home, just hold your breath until you discover it’s a sewing kit for your mom! LOL.

Probably one of the most common situations that every middle-class person has gone through! Right!?

There’s no room for new clothes if you have an elder sister or brother.


Have you ever gotten a reply to wear the old clothes of your elder sibling, whenever you ask for a new one!? Well, a nightmare of every middle-class kid! And why only clothes, instead literally every single other thing as well!

Tearing a gift wrapper becomes a savior mission.


Tearing up the gift papers to explore what’s inside is only seen in movies! Yes, tearing a gift paper is probably a nightmare for any Indian household and becomes a tedious task when you are warned to preserve the paper while opening the gift since it could be handy for packaging other gifts later. Another prevalent thing in every middle-class home.

A Monisha Sarabhai in every house!


We all have mocked the chindi habits of Monisha however, there happens to be a hidden Monisha in every hidden household especially when it comes to grabbing freebies from vegetable vendors. Dhaniya and mirch are probably the two things that come free with everything!!

Stacking up every bit of paper to sell off for that extra money!!


Have you ever reused the old newspapers to cover up your notebooks and registers? Well, reusing the newspapers as a book cover and stacking every bit of paper for selling it off to kabadiwala is the most important thing for any middle-class family!

Stacking up fancy dinner sets “for that special guest”!


Have you ever been prompted not to touch the fancy crockery in your house because who knows, the Queen of England might give you a visit one day!? LOL.

Sequencing and using each bit of your toothpaste.


Probably one of the most common prevalent things in every Indian household. Right!? You are not allowed to grab a new paste until it’s squeezed to the full by your parents and finally cut into half to wipe off the remaining one! Every middle-class person ever!

“Ghar Ka Khana” because it’s both the best and cheapest!


Because buying food while traveling is too mainstream and carrying a poori achar or poori aloo for every trip is a must!

Polythene for polythenes!


Maa…polythene Kahan hai!? Wahan dekh bade polythene mein hongi!! Yes, master polythene for all other polythenes is probably the other common thing in every middle-class household.

Staying up in a hotel = supplies for a month!


Grabbing the bottles of shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, toothpaste, soaps, and almost everything from a hotel room to compensate for a month’s supply is a must for every Indian middle-class person.

You just cannot stop yourself from asking for extra supplies for the same and carry up those to your home! Right!?

Terraces = another place for food manufacturing units!


Taking up red chilies, papads, pickles, and other food materials to keep them in “free sunlight” at the terraces is probably the story of every household!

Airline bag tags, a forever thing on your bags!


Cherishing the bag tags of airlines and keeping them hanging forever on your luggage is probably one of the most prominent ways for middle-class households to show off!!

Summer nights = saving up bills + bonding nights!


The nights of summer become a fun night for every child since the whole family tends to walk up to the terrace for a sleepover. Sleeping right below the starry sky and gleaming sky saves up both the electricity bills and your bonds with your family.


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