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Time is one of the most quintessential things and everything happens to change over time, even the beauty of the actresses. Nothing remains constant in life then whether it is about the job, beauty, body, or anything else. Change is the ultimate reality of life and has been one of the most prominent things in the Bollywood industry.

While there have been many classic actors from the industry who were the rulers of Bollywood, they soon faded into oblivion and young talents replaced their talents.

However, whenever we tend to hear the name of any classic actor or actress of Bollywood, we only tend to remember their beautiful faces and dashing personalities from their movies. But, have you ever thought that how these actors have changed over time?

Well, today with this post, we have recollected upon how these celebrities have changed over the years. Let’s have a look and see how many of them were you able to identify:

Padmini Kohlapure

Yeh Galliyan yeh chaubara, yahan aana na Dobara!! Yes the film Prem Rog famed actress, Padmini Kohlapure started her career in 1974 and has been a part of various Bollywood films.

The actress has again started making an appearance on the silver screen and was seen in a role in the 2019 film, Panipat.

Kimi Katkar

The former Bollywood actress and a successful model, Kimi Katkar started her career in 1985 with the film Patthar Dil. Though she was seen in a supporting role in the movie, she was later seen in a prominent role in another film from the same year named, Adventures of Tarzan.

Post this, the actress went on to star in around 50 films and was active in the 1980s and early 1990s. Getting into the personal details about the actress, she is currently settled in Melbourne, Australia, and got married to a producer named Shantanu Sheorey. A whole lot of difference can be noticed in the appearance of the actress.

Meenakshi Seshadri

The former Bollywood actress, Meenakshi Seshadri was well known for her mesmerizing looks and beauty. She shot to recognition with the film “Hero” in 1983 and appeared in various Bollywood films.

After getting married in 1995, the actress distanced herself from the industry and got settled in New York with her husband. This is how the actress has changed over the years.

Anita Raj

A daughter of the veteran actor Jagdish Raj, the actress Anita Raj has been a part of the glam industry since 1981. She has been a prominent face of both Indian television and Bollywood movies. The actress has been a part of several movies to date and continues to make her appearance on both the silver screen and small screen.

The actress has truly changed a lot over these years and has aged like a fine wine. She has maintained herself well and is now seen in the Indian sitcom, Choti Sardarni where she plays the role of Kulwant Kaur Dhillon.

She used to be a prominent actress of the 80s and has worked with various popular actors of the time. However, her career deteriorated but she didn’t let herself fade away from the industry and opted to play side roles as well.

Farah Naaz

This 90s actress shot to fame after her prominent role in the movie Naseeb Apna Apna. The elder sister of Tabu, Farah has worked with various established actors of the industry.

However, the actress has now faded away from the industry and has changed a lot over the years.

Jaya Prada

One of the most influential and popular actresses of her era, she was a prominent face for both the Hindi and Telugu film industries. The actress started her career in 1974 with the Telugu film Bhoomi Kosam and went on to star in various other regional cinemas.

After working in various innumerable movies, the actress left her acting career right when she was at the peak of her career and went on to establish a career in politics.

She joined hands with Telugu Desam Party in 1994 and also became a part of Rampur MP in 2004 till 2014. Her fans used to drool over the mesmerizing beauty of the actress and this how she has transformed over these years.

Poonam Dhillon

The winner of Femina Miss India title in 1977, the Bollywood actress and politician, Poonam Dhillon is well known for her work in the film, Noorie.

The actress has been a popular face of both the small and the silver screen and has changed quite a bit over the past years. After appearing in various films of the 90s, the actress distanced herself from the silver screen and made a comeback in 2009 with the film 13B.

Post this, she went on to star in various other movies in a supporting role and even tried her hands in politics.


In the film Ram Teri Ganga Maili famed actress, Mandakini made her fans drool over the actress from her partially nude sequences in the film. Her mesmerizing beauty from the film was well recognized by the audiences and she still happens to rule the hearts of millions of her fans from the ’80s.

She had a career spanning over 11 years in the industry and was active from 1985 to 1996 where she starred in various Bollywood movies.

However, post her last appearance in the movie, zordaar, in 1996, the actress faded into oblivion and was not seen on screen. This is how the actress has changed over the years!! Isn’t it surprising!?

Amrita Singh

One of the most prominent actresses from the 80s, Amrita Singh is not confined to an introduction today. The actress bagged immense popularity from her filmy career however, post her marriage with saif Ali khan, the actress distanced herself from movies.

She even tried to resume her career after some time however, failed to gain the same popularity as before. She last appeared in the Bollywood blockbuster hit movie, Badla in the role of Rani Kaur. This is how the actress looks nowadays.

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