Rising music star Jessica Lynn is being hailed by press around the world as “The New Queen of Country.” In the past four years of relentless international touring of 14+ countries, and a Top 40 single on country radio under her belt, the New York singer/songwriter has been seen by millions on the road and in her three full-length nationwide concert television specials. 

Recently featured on Billboard, CMT, and in American Songwriter Magazine, Jessica’s powerful voice and stage presence showcase the multi-faceted singer/songwriter’s instrumental talents playing piano, guitar, harmonica, and the drums. 

Her high-energy and dynamic performances have garnered rave reviews from critics worldwide and landed her a total of 11 charting singles on iTunes in 11 different countries within the last few years. 

Jessica Lynn was born in Brooklyn, New York, and still lives about one hour north of New York City and went to Lakeland high school in Shrub Oak, Jessica was a straight-A student and attended an honors college where she studied mathematics and teaching. As a teenager, Lynn formed her first band and started performing professionally throughout Manhattan. 

She has been performing around the world in over 14 different countries for the last several years and is an extremely hard worker who runs every aspect of her business, Jessica built her career by touring and being on the road.

Jessica’s style has certainly evolved since the beginning of her career while always remaining very “her.”  Her music has become more mature and developed over the last few years while still being genre-defying and crossing many boundaries.

Jessica took classical piano lessons as a child and then taught herself the guitar, drums, bass, and harmonica. Jessica always loved singing from a young age and knew it was her calling in life.

Jessica belongs to a musical artistic family. She has a family band in which her husband Steve plays lead guitar, her father plays bass guitar, and her mother sings background vocals.

The rest of her band is also very much like family as they have been with her for 9 years. Jessica’s parents have always been very supportive of her singing career and even play in her band.

Jessica watched her parents writing and performing music as she grew up and she always admired it and wanted to be just like them.  She is also very inspired by great singer-songwriters like Richard Marx and Neil Diamond. Jessica is a vegetarian and is very passionate about animals.

Jessica Lynn plays country music the most although her music is a mix of many different genres. Jessica Lynn has achieved many goals such as having musical programs on television as well as having a top 40 hit song on country radio.

Jessica performs usually 80-100 shows per year since 2014. There are so many wonderful performances that Jessica has been able to be a part of, but playing at the Grand Prix of Germany was one of her favorites.

Jessica Lynn is a country crossover singer. There are so many wonderful performances that Jessica has been able to be a part of, but playing at the Grand Prix of Germany was one of her favorites.

Jessica has 1 live album, 2 EPS, a few singles, and a new full-length record called “Lone Rider” coming. Jessica is extremely interested in Indian music and thinks it’s beautiful.

Jessica makes many lists and is always needing to check off her “to-dos” before she has time for herself but she finds that being very organized, helps to allow her to accomplish everything.

Hard work and perseverance! Jessica has learned over the years to manage every aspect of her career.