Often called “Padman of Nagpur” 

Kshitij Jane is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Lexie.

Lexie is a one-of-its-kind startup in Nagpur which deals in eco-friendly feminine hygiene products and is operational all over the country. Mr. Kshitij Jane has completed his Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management from BMCC, Pune. Back in 2019, he set his foot back again in Nagpur to start over with the idea of Lexie.

Lexie continues to be a tremendous success.

Mr. Kshitij Jane in an interview with KASAKAYNAGPUR states that: “I knew in my heart that it is my time when I can bring a change into society through my work with providing the best Period product.”

Lexie is a ‘sui generis’ startup in Nagpur which deals in eco-friendly feminine hygiene products. The product is biodegradable. The team at Lexie has been working towards the growth of the environment. Their product has proved to not leave any waste as the Pads are biodegradable within eighteen months, unlike conventional pads that take millions of years because they are made of plastic. Mr. Kshitij Jane has been known for bringing socio-conscious and environmental-conscious principles to his work and the products of Lexie are the outputs of the same.

Before founding Lexie, Mr. Kshitij Jane had two other startups. But Lexie is going on till this date. The CEO has exclaimed, “I was young and in my experimental phase. I feel it is important that you start young because your responsibility is the bare minimum and you have plenty of opportunities for self-development and learning. After my second startup tanked, being human, I was disheartened. But I always knew in my heart that I have what it takes. But, initially, I wanted to be in that sweet spot where I wanted things to work for me. Although I knew that it was not going to come to me just by sitting and waiting for it., I knew that I have to work for it. It was during a normal discussion with a friend when the idea of Lexie popped up. And since then, my company is going as far as the sky is stretched.”

When asked, “What do you regret and appreciate most in life?” Mr. Kshitij Jane answered that he strongly believes that everything that happens in life happens for us to learn something from it. “This is not just an old cliche, this is the way of life.” He stresses.

He further adds, “Most times it is not about winning or losing, as it adds to the experience you have and can be useful in the future. Sometimes young entrepreneurs should sit back and question themselves, “Who am I competing with?”

“Irrespective of the results, your major responsibility has to give your hundred percent in your work and believe in the process and yourself.” -Mr. Kshitij Jane comments.

Mr. Kshitij Jane puts a strict emphasis on believing in the process. “Time to time you have to go back, rewind your initial days when the idea popped up in your mind, and think how much it had excited you back then. And hold that thought in the process, it grounds you more than you could imagine.”

“Not many know that I had two failed startups, I started when I was just eighteen years in age. The other two startups tanked but I am grateful that now I am working on Lexie, and it’s in much better shape than what I have worked on earlier in my experimental stage. Thanks to the efficiency and effectiveness of my team. I am glad to have turned into an entrepreneur and I know that this is just the start. I appreciate the support that I have received and the love and respect I have earned in the city.”

The CEO believes that for entrepreneurs and creative thinkers the execution of the idea matters more heavily otherwise it is dreaming in the thin air. He further gives an example about how when a person crosses the street, or is doing the daily mundane work, the person is likely to get ten fascinating or not-so-fascinating ideas, but it depends on the person how do you execute the same. He says, ,”The personal touch to your work holds an incredible amount of weight because it springs out from you, because you have an opportunity to define it the way you want to.”

“Startups are very subjective on how you want to run it, how do you want your startup to function, and how you want to present your business. With the dynamic changes in the business environment, the adjustment and adaptation of your business goes hand in hand with your creativity and leadership skills.” He puts emphasis.

The CEO also believes that the businesses are also the reflections of the entrepreneurs because they are their whole and soul work. When asked to give a vital note or advice to the coming entrepreneurs the CEO enthusiastically asked to not rely on the reel world for ideation and conceptualization, but bring out your originality in your work.