Nikola Tesla born in 1856, perhaps the most powerful personalities to at any point elegance the planet shows up. A virtuoso equipped for changing mass cognizance for eternity. His plethora of inventions included: AC motor, Rotating Magnetic Fields, Radio, Tesla Coil and much more! Each new idea re-innovating free and safe energy. This brave mind dived into the unknown seeking impactful change from his existence. Some of his experiments lead to extra terrestrial contact.

Nikola Tesla had a vision of whats to come into the future. Tesla had a dream and he had a genius to carry them out. The man who was convinced that he has better way to power world. He believed that his A.C can travel much far then and bring electricity to everyone.

Nikola Tesla has been trying to perfect his own invention Nikola Tesla went to work in Paris in 1882 for the Continental Edison Company and in 1883 he went to Strasburg for a task where he built after work hours, his first enlistment engine. In 1884, he went to America, in New York with just four pennies in his pocket with not many sonnets and estimations for a flying machine. With Thomas Edison, he initially discovered work yet the two innovators were far separated in foundation and techniques thus their division is unavoidable.

His rotating flow (AC) acceptance engine and related poly phase AC licenses, authorized by Westinghouse Electric in 1888, brought in him a lot of cash and turned into the foundation of the polyphase framework which that organization at last advertised.

Today 99.99% of all the electricity in this world is generated using Alternating Current and that comes down to the idea and the vision the Tesla had in the late 1880s.