22-year-old Indian student Rashmi Samant resigned as Oxford University Student Union President following accusations of racist” and “insensitive” social media posts. However, Samant suggests she was subjected to covert “racism” and cyber-bullying, which led to the resignation.

On February 11, Rashmi became the 1st Indian female to be elected as OUSU President, set to begin her term in June 2021. Nonetheless, her joy was brief as she confronted the most noticeably awful type of racism in an implied developed world.

An Oxford faculty Abhijit Sarkar drove a mission against Rashmi which was scornful and bigot as well as filthy and inescapable as he followed Rashmi’s social media profile. He discovered an old image of her folks presenting with a plaque Jai Shri Ram and broadly flowed it naming Rashmi and her folks as shared and an image of persecution against the Muslim people group, the professor also highlighted the word ‘Hindu’ and called Samant the ‘Hindu President-Elect.

To this, Rashmi said the fact that I am a Hindu in no way makes me intolerant or unfit to be the President of the Oxford SU. Contrary to this, I understand the value of diversity in its true sense though my exposure to the intricacies of the developed world is limited.

A portion of her 2017 online media posts was brought out and described as “bigot,” “hostile to Semitic”, and “trans-phobic.” The scorn crusade drove by Abhijit was joined by the typical suspects-the counter Hindu detachment left the ecosystem, who bullied and threatened a 22 years old girl to stop her administration.

These disdain crusades only for being a Hindu. the so-called liberal and civil society where you get ousted for posing with a Hindu symbol and get termed as communal, intolerant.

There is a horde out there, who emphatically accepts that it is their duty to get down on individuals. They do it violently, with a specific conviction and hostility, yet they don’t understand the harm that they make. It depends on a belief system. At the point when they stand firm on a footing of force, individuals begin trusting them.

Even Twitter has blocked Rashmi’s account. However, the million-dollar question is have they led such same hate campaigns against people of “other religions” as well, or only they have problems with Hindus