“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

– Vincent Willem Van Gogh

We scribble around as children because imagination runs wild and the world just spins with us doodling our way into our adult life. The problem usually begins when the artist in you dies because it can’t keep up with real life.

Fortunately, she found a way to keep both alive. 

Art has the ability to transcend through all the ages in all its forms among every region in the world. The power to create a revolution and end a war resides in art.

It found her at a young age and it manifested in her to grow and become the person that she is today.

Samiksha Munot, an artist, has started her own business which is essentially a one stop shop for art and everything it represents. There are different forms of art she creates that help her achieve her passions and become an ambitious entrepreneur.

She is an artist, calligrapher, designer, entrepreneur and founder of Shades — a boutique art studio which was created to share her passion and interest for love and art in all the forms that exist.

It started as a creative outlet and a passion project which led her to discover a niche career path for herself. In today’s highly digitalised world, hand crafted art holds the rare ability to evoke sentiments of warmth among human beings. The duality of perfection among imperfection is what resonates with most of us.

“To err is human.” 

Hand crafted art has these elements that have imperfections in them, a human error, that makes a piece of art feel more real and true. The world of the internet cannot inculcate that feeling of reality and rawness through a perfectly digitised picture. 

Through Shades, she strives to bring back the love, joy and appreciation of handmade art and craft, and to make people remember, that art is more beautiful when it’s not formulated, that it’s perfect with imperfections. 

The Beginning. 

As every story of an artist goes, this started as a passionate hobby; an outlet that led her to create and learn numerous media of art. 

In her formative years, she developed a keen interest in various art forms like sketching, painting and various paper crafts. She started with the basics, like most children in school; and her interest in art grew increasing, so much so, that it never stopped.

Sometimes, life has a tendency to bring you full circle to a place you have been before just to show you how much you have grown and she realised that every time she needed an anchor in her life when everything fell apart, she knew there was one thing in her, which she looked for and it was her art. It was, is and always will be an indispensable part of her life and which can never be separated from her. She was born with it and she will be taking it away with her, and what will stay behind are her creations.

After completing her degree in Interior Architecture and Design, she tried a few jobs but she could never see herself doing that for the rest of her life, let alone be happy about it. She knew in her heart what truly made her happy, that was herself, creating and understanding the world of art.

Realisation struck and she took the leap of faith to begin her journey with Shades and her career as a full time artist.

The work that she does now spreads across various media, forms, and surfaces, like watercolours, acrylic, ink, coffee, strings, wood, paper, fabric, leather, canvas, the list is ever growing, and just like art, it never stops.

Making art go from a passion project to a full time business has its downfalls too. Looking after the clientele needs, deadlines, administration work and all things business related, she does not get time to hone her skills to study the art.

Being an artist in business, it is crucial to find a balance between an artist and an entrepreneur. We cannot lose sight of either. 

Art is a never ending process, one should always be open to exploring and experimenting. The most important thing she has learnt ever since she started her brand, is that she has to learn, enhance her skills and build herself and her brand, forever. 

There are some thoughts that keep her going in tough times. 

A person’s competition shouldn’t be someone else, but you. The record stands against you and it’s you who has to break it. 

Your art is as good as your imagination. It flows and finds new ways to exist, and it is you that has to look for art in everything you do. 

Create, scribble and adapt. Maybe scratch it once in a while, because everything you do might not be a masterpiece and will sometimes be a disappointment, but that’s not a stop sign, it’s a green light at the crossroads. Embrace it, push the gas pedal and drive through life, but don’t forget to notice the flowers on the sidewalk. 

Samiksha was once told, “Spend most of your day doing what you are best at, if that is not happening you have to fix something.”

Being the best at something is a stage that is reached after a long time with refinement of skills and making your experience count; and art is subjective, it invokes feelings of love for one and rages of betrayal for another, so being the best at art is something very far-fetched, but not unachievable.

It is said that you are born with everything it will take for you to survive, but it takes a lifetime to find it within your being. 

Art has found her as a child, scribbling her way through school, and it took her all that time to find the artist in her to go on with the journey of passion and business alike. 

She is here, trying her hand at every form of art there is, and she’s having the time of her life with it.