Virginia Beach, Virginia, 1932.

American psychic and healer Edgar Cayce, known as the sleeping prophet, gains worldwide attention by remotely diagnosing illnesses in patients located hundreds of miles away with an astounding degree of accuracy.

He could diagnose people’s physical problems. He could tell you what’s in a book. He could find something at a great distance. He could even read the Akashic Record, the book of life.

During one of his many psychic trances, Cayce makes an astonishing claim regarding the Sphinx. Edgar Cayce could tell you about prehistory and reincarnation, and what your soul had been doing before this incarnation. He gave readings for his soul that had been a high priest in ancient Egypt and was directly associated with the building of the Sphinx.

Edgar Cayce had in his readings a statement that the Sphinx and the pyramids were built in approximately 10,490 BC. There’s a strong suggestion that the Cayce readings were accurate, and therefore their dating of the Sphinx and the pyramids also was accurate.

Up until he died in 1945, Cayce gave dozens of readings about the Sphinx. These readings claimed the Sphinx was directly related to an ancient civilization that many believed once existed here on Earth– the lost continent of Atlantis.

The Edgar Cayce readings specifically say that Atlantis, as recorded by Plato, was not a myth. He leaked that information given to him by the Egyptian priesthood and put it into his books, “The Timaeus” and “The Critias.”

Here’s the interesting thing. Plato describes that Atlantis existed exactly at the same time that ancient Egypt experienced what they referred to as a golden age. If the Cayce readings about the existence of Atlantis are true, then might the Sphinx be a remnant from this advanced civilization?

Perhaps further clues to this connection can be found with yet another Cayce prophecy regarding the Sphinx. Cayce dreamed that under the right paw of the Sphinx, there was a chamber at a very specific place that holds the Hall of Records from the lost civilization of Atlantis, which Cayce felt he was a direct part of.

When Atlantis was sinking, the Atlanteans were aware of the importance of saving these records. And they also were aware of the need to hide the records of prehistory.

If we locate the original Hall of Records, we would be essentially accessing the equivalent of a Google search engine, but it’s the Atlantean internet.So the Sphinx is an entry point that could reveal once and for all that humankind is much older on Earth than we thought.

The Giza Plateau, 1978.

45 years after Cayce’s reading, the Edgar Cayce foundation initiates the Sphinx Exploration Project for the sole purpose of locating secret chambers under the Sphinx that may lead to the Hall of Records.

They were allowed, amazingly, to drill holes under the Sphinx to detect this possible chamber. They drilled eight holes. Unfortunately, nothing of certainty was found.

They were stopped at the last minute they were very close they felt by the Egyptian army. We did find anomalies beneath the Sphinx. Now, these could be chambers, not just cracks or caves.

Edgar Cayce prophesied that in the future, and the relatively near future, we would discover the secret chamber of the Hall of Records. One of the stories of the Sphinx is that there is a Hall of Records that’s being kept there certain machines and technology and libraries sealed in a special room until the time is right that we’re ready to discover it, and that time may be coming soon.