Onima Kashyap is an actor and has endorsed more than 200+ known brands and has been lucky enough to be the face of millions of Coca-cola hoardings across India. You can see her in the latest web series “CHACHA VIDHAYAK HAI” on amazon.

She likes to approach life with a sense of wonder and discovery. She feels immersing yourself in any art form can be a very liberating experience and She is an artist who loves to express herself through any medium, be it painting, acting, singing, dancing. She wants to portray all ranges of emotions through art.

She hails from Gurgaon. She was a very shy and introverted kid but She inclined towards creative activities. 

She used to work as a fashion designer with some renowned names back in Delhi but She felt that She hasn’t explored my capability the most and hence she quit her job and took a decision to step into an unknown world where she had her apprehension and doubt like “can I do this?”, “what if I fail”, but She felt that the only way to know is to Try

So She overcame fear, She didn’t want to look back and think “She could have or She should have. She took a chance and started sending auditions for commercials and other projects from Delhi. From there She got the first ad for Himalaya and from that very moment she shifted to Mumbai and after that, there was no looking back. So she feels that the courage of trying something new and stepping out of her comfort zone helped her become who she is today.

She belonged to a middle-class family. In the beginning, She was very raw but eventually, with time and experience, She has grown and evolved as an actor. Also with every new project, she gets to learn so many new things while working on a set and that’s how she gauges new experiences and expands her perspective of portraying the different range of emotions.

We never knew what we could do until we tried so She started auditioning for various projects. She did a lot of street plays and She was a part of a theatre group in the mandi house. In a day She used to give at least 3-4 auditions for ads and she faces such a huge competition since so many other people took auditions for the same project.

As a kid, She always had an urge to showcase my inner creative instinct and so she used to love participating in dance, singing, and painting competitions. There is a performer inside her who always wants to unleash herself. So She felt that this is the best suitable career choice for her since She gets to perform and it fulfills her creative gratification.

She was a very studious person and She loved to indulge in extracurricular activities, modeling happened during her college time. She started taking modeling assignments to earn pocket money during college and She never knew it would bring such a big change in her life.

She has been trained in classical music, She knows Bollywood hip hop, contemporary dancing. yoga and meditation are part of her daily routine. Painting is something she has been doing since childhood, it helps her to transform her imagination into reality.

Onima’s Parents are very supportive of her and believe in her decisions. Her mom has always been her critic, Her mom gives her own set of suggestions after seeing her performances and persuades her to polish her skill as an actor, She believes her mom has some notch in acting. She got so many commercials because of her mom’s efforts as she used to help her record auditions.

She discovered that acting is something that places her in a world of fantasy and discovery. It gives her the power to live different characters and gives her a chance to empathize and feel the emotions of that character. 

As an actor, She has to show all of the emotions of her never thought even existed in her. She said, “You must remain vulnerable and keep your emotions on the surface so that you can easily access them”. 

Onima does so many things other than acting, She sells her paintings under her brand by the name of “ONIMA CREATIONS”. She feels nowadays it has become so much easier to connect with people through social media. so She directly coordinates with customers through her page on Instagram and facebooks at onima creations

She is lucky enough to have worked with big names like legendary Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Shahrukh Khan, Rajkumar Rao, etc. She would love to work on meaningful projects with good storytellers.

Her music video with Bhuvan bam -sang hoon here got a huge response and people loved their chemistry since it looked so real onscreen. Lost in love with Salim Merchant’s music video was such a hit and She Received so much love and appreciation. It was a privilege to work with the duo. Olu song in MANIYARAYILE ASHOKAN the Malayalam movie bagged millions of views. The latest web series is CHACHA VIDHAYAK HAI on amazon. 

The experience she got while doing ads eventually helped her in performing her character Tanvi in chacha vidhayak hai. She feels putting across a message through a 30 -40 sec ad is equally challenging since she has to be convincing enough to sell the product. Whereas in long formats like web series an actor gets their own space and time to portray the emotions of the character.

While auditioning never think about whether you will get the role or not, just enjoy the process and give your best. Work on your skills and everything will fall in the right place and of course, never get disappointed by the rejection. There is no way that hard work won’t pay you. It will for sure.