With the motive of making Indian Youth Financially Independent, an online learning start-up named Booming Bulls Academy, founded by Anish Singh Thakur, witnessed a surge in its students last year despite COVID-19.

Booming Bulls Academy, an EdTech company, always aims to help its students to understand markets better & learn to analyze the market on their own & not just sell you a strategy that is not enough on its own.

Anish Singh Thakur founded this company when he realized that many people are willing to invest in the stock market, but they are not getting the perfect platform to learn about the stock market.

Anish Singh Thakur, Founder and CEO of Booming Bulls Academy, rightly quotes, “Generally, trading is considered as a business that is not suitable for everyone, but this is just a myth that we clear by making you learn about the systems that can provide a good profit.”

“Making a consistent profit from the stock market is not rocket science. With patience, discipline, and planning anyone can generate consistent money from the Stock market.” Anish added.

Anish is on the mission of educating the youth about the stock market. That is why Anish raises awareness about trading myths and provides knowledge about strategies on his YouTube channel that now has over lakhs of subscribers. As a result, many aspiring traders and investors are applying his strategies and making a steady source of income through the stock market for free of cost.

Abhirup Sekhri, Chief Operating Officer of Booming Bulls Academy, says, “Booming Bulls is an initiative for the young generation interested in making more, willing to step forward and be free from financial situations. We don’t provide our students tips or tricks which are not the correct ways to gain knowledge about trading and investing. Rather we deliver knowledge based on self-learning, experience, and theoretical implications on the market.”

“The main advantage of our training program is, we don’t offer our students just a one- time lecture series rather we provide them with unlimited revision classes so that whenever they get a doubt, they can access our revision classes to clarify it,” Abhirup explained.

Saurabh Khaspuri, Chief Marketing Officer of Booming Bulls Academy, Says, “Stock market gives you the infinite opportunities to grow your wealth and achieve financial milestones, and there are a lot of people who are willing to invest in the stock market and want to grow their capital but, they are not getting a perfect platform to gain knowledge about the stock market and to fill this gap, we have started our own YouTube channel where we are delivering perfect knowledge to simplify the trading process.”

“While learning a lot from his channel, students gain a lot more knowledge in his classes that is not just limited to trading which motivates them to live a life that projects the path to their dreams,” Saurabh Added.

Generally, trading is considered a complex process, but Booming Bulls Academy has designed its program in such a structured manner that they have made trading a very simple thing to understand.

Anish has mastered trading, and now he is helping others by giving them his valuable knowledge. Anish has mentored thousands of students through his Booming Bulls Elite Trader Mentorship program, and a lot of his students are showing extraordinary performances in this field.

This financial literacy start-up has now become a big brand amongst the youngsters, which guarantees that anyone with no experience and no prior knowledge about the market can become a consistently profitable trader & change his/her financial life after learning with a structured approach.