Weather apps are there for all tastes. You just have to go around Google Play and you will be able to check the infinity of alternatives that exist to check the weather forecast. But are they all reliable? Logically, there is everything.

The truth is that the arrival of this type of mobile apps has allowed us to become almost meteorologists to know precisely from what time it will start to rain until the gusts of wind. But some go much further to provide us with other information, such as pollen levels or fire alerts. Below, we compare various weather apps to analyze their pros and cons and decide which one best suits the needs of each user.

What do we ask of a weather application?

If there is something we are looking for in any app, it is that it is easy to use, does not have invasive advertising and gives us the weather forecast, which after all, is what we all want when we install an app of this type on our smartphone . But we can ask much more of you and there are some minimum requirements that we believe that any weather application must have to meet expectations.

Temperature and wind chill : in addition to the maximum and minimum temperature, it is important to take into account other factors such as wind or humidity to determine the real wind chill.

Hourly forecast: beyond knowing whether or not it will rain the next day, it is important to know at what time it will rain.

Real-time alerts: the weather is, in many cases, unpredictable, and in a matter of minutes, the prediction can change. Hence, if we receive real-time alerts about these possible changes, we can be more prepared for the unforeseen.

Real-time location: it is essential that the application can geolocate you and offer you the weather forecast in the geographical point where you are without having to enter it manually.

Sunrise and sunset: knowing the time of sunrise and sunset allows you to see how the days are growing or decreasing depending on the season of the year, in addition to planning day or night outings without surprises.

State of the sea: the temperature of the water, the waves or the hours of high and low tide are very useful data if you want to do water activities for example.

Wind Status – It is also important that you provide details such as wind speed and direction.

Once we are clear about these premises, we have selected a series of applications that meet all of them and that, in addition, are quite popular on Google Play . Next, we explain each one of them and we face them at the end to see what strengths and weaknesses each proposal has.


With Accuweather you can check the weather at a glance in a very complete way and, above all, with great precision . You will not only see the current situation in terms of the state of the sky, temperature and wind chill, humidity, UV index or wind speed. In addition, you will find highlighted the warnings in orange (if any) or the difference in temperature with respect to the previous day. Thanks to the “MinutCast” function, you will be able to see the rainfall minute by minute to know at what exact moment it will stop or start raining.

If something has caught our attention from Accuweather, it is the possibility of configuring alerts to receive notifications in which it reminds you that you have to take a coat or an umbrella. On the negative side, the lower advertising banner is too present, although it is not invasive.

Weather forecast

In Weather Forecast you will find all the information in a single graph when you open the app , which can be somewhat confusing at first. Maximum and minimum temperature of the day, current temperature, state of the sky, wind speed, probability of rain, time of sunrise and sunset and up to the day and date. All in a single image that is, as we say, something heavy to look at.

Weather Forecast offers a higher level of detail than the rest of the analyzed applications, but it can be a bit confusing

There are no tabs here to organize the information, beyond a second one to add new locations. Thus, if you slide down on the main screen, you will be able to see the hourly forecast for a week with specific information of all kinds of data such as humidity, wind speed or pressure in each hour, reaching a level of detail higher than rest of analyzed applications.

It is curious that after the cards with the forecast for the next few days, we again find information with the current day, more complete than the first graph that we found when opening the app. To close, the radar image with the state of the sky and the winds .

Weather Underground

Weather Underground offers very precise and hyperlocal forecasts thanks to the fact that the users themselves provide information in real time from the meteorological stations installed in their own homes. The application works all over the world and there you may find the first problem: it does not geolocate you and if you choose to put your zip code (as in our case) it offers us a location in the United States, so we had to enter the name from the locality manually. Nothing insurmountable in any case.

The app is not focused on the Spanish market, which is why you will immediately find the following problem: the unit of measurement, which you will have to change manually from the settings. The panel is completely customizable and you can add and remove the cards you want according to your interests. Because yes, there are no tabs here, you will see all the cards located on the same screen, so scrolling will be essential.

On the first card you will find a small map of your area with the maximum and minimum temperature of the day , as well as the real thermal sensation, as well as the state of the sky, the probability of rain or the wind speed. After him, the possible alerts with the expected start time (in our case it predicted the start of the rain in three hours) and the forecast by day or by hours for the next ten days.

You will also find information about sunrise and sunset or the hours of the first and last light , something that we have not seen in any other app. The moon also plays a leading role, with information about the lunar phase or when the next full moon will occur, for example.

Weather by WeatherBug

Weather Bug is probably one of the oldest and most visual weather forecast apps since it has a very careful aesthetic. Organize the information by tabs to be able to consult the current weather situation, as well as the forecast by hours or days . Blue is the protagonist, although it varies depending on the weather: if it rains it appears darker with raindrops included and if the day is sunny, the tone is full of light.

Beyond the hourly prediction tabs, the next ten days or the one for the maps, the main tab “Now” is the one that gathers the bulk of the information. In it, and at a glance, we can see the maximum temperature, the minimum, the thermal sensation or the state of the sky.

To this is added the speed and direction of the wind, the quality of the air and two novelties that we have not seen in other apps: where the fire occurred and the nearest lightning bolt . You will also find information with the time of sunrise and sunset or the phase of the moon.

Weather – The Weather Channel

Considered one of the most accurate weather apps, in it you will find basic information such as the current weather situation, as well as the forecast by days or by hours, as well as alerts for lightning, pollen, road conditions or breaking news and widgets.

The visual aspect is not its strong suit, although it scores points in terms of location as it tells you up to the neighborhood in which you are, along with the current temperature and the sky situation, accompanied by a graph with the different parts of the day and its corresponding temperature . If you plan to spend the day outdoors, The Weather Channel will be very useful as it alerts you if the conditions on the street are favorable or not.

The negative point is once again the advertising that occupies the lower band, but it becomes somewhat invasive.

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What weather app do I choose?

Next, we leave you a comparative table with the most important characteristics of the weather applications so that you can see the pros and cons and decide which one best suits your needs.


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