Dhadak action in the city regarding POP idol

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90 idols seized; One lakh 21 thousand rupees fine recovered

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation has launched a crackdown on the sale of banned POP idols across the city. As per the instructions of Mayor Dayashankar Tiwari and Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishnan b.

As per the order issued by him, action was taken in five out of ten zones on Tuesday (Jan. 7). Under this, 90 POP idols in the city were confiscated and a fine of Rs. 1 lakh 21 thousand was recovered from the idol sellers. Apart from this, two shops selling POP Ganesh idols were removed.

In the ongoing operation regarding POP idols, the nuisance search team inspected 106 shops in five zones of the city Laxminagar, Dharampeth, Hanuman Nagar, Nehru Nagar and on Tuesday, out of which 90 POP idols were seized. The highest fine of Rs 50,000 was collected under Hanuman Nagar zone. A total of 25 shops in the zone were searched and 60 POP idols were seized.

In Dharampeth zone, Green Vigilance Foundation officials helped the Corporation team in identifying the POP idols. In collaboration with the organization, 15 shops in the zone were inspected and 27 idols were seized. Two shops were immediately removed. In the entire operation, the zonal squad collected a fine of Rs 30,000. Kaustabh Chatterjee, Surabhi Jaiswal, Mehul Kosurkar, Shriya Joge of Green Vigil Foundation assisted in this work.

On Tuesday, 15 shops in the zone were inspected and 3 idols were seized and a fine of Rs 17,000 was recovered. A fine of Rs 14,000 was levied on 36 shops in Nehru Nagar zone and a fine of Rs 10,000 was recovered from 15 shops in Laxminagar zone. The entire action was led by the nodal officer of the solid waste management department, Dr. Gajendra Mahalle and nuisance search team chief Veersen Tambe.

The zonal team handed over the confiscated POP Ganesh idols to the concerned zonal health officials.
Apart from this, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s nuisance investigation team took action against a shop / establishment on Tuesday (Jan. 7) and recovered a fine of Rs 5,000. The team inspected 50 establishments and Mars offices. Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishnan b. As per his instructions, the operation was carried out by the zone search teams under the guidance of Veersen Tambe.

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