Forcibly implement the scrap policy of the Central Government: Commissioner

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Rajatkumar Dani
Rajatkumar Dani
Rajatkumar Dani is a world-renowned researcher of ancient history and extraterrestrial. He is a youngest researcher of time and had won the distinguished awards of India. He is widely known for his works on before Big bang theory, Connection of god and aliens, Time traveling, galaxy clusters, and other unknown historical mysteries.

Celebrate International Clean Air Day with enthusiasm for a clear blue sky

Nagpur Municipal Corporation under the National Clean Air Program ‘International Clean Air Day for Clean Blue Sky’ was enthusiastically celebrated in the Municipal Corporation Hall. ‘Healthy Air, Healthy Planet’ is this year’s theme. Municipal Commissioner Radhakrishnan B directed to enforce the central government’s scrap policy to reduce vehicle pollution in Nagpur city. Given by. He was the chief guest of the event.

Speaking further, the commissioner said the central government has announced a scrap policy. Accordingly, vehicles that have completed 15 years must be scrapped. The vehicles are causing the most pollution, the commissioner said. The central government has formulated a new policy to control this.

The use of this can lead to a ban on older vehicles, which requires the Regional Transport Office to take major action against such vehicles. He also directed to check the pollution certificate of old vehicles. He also said that citizens and drivers need to be made aware of this.

Earlier, the banner of the National Clean Air Program was unveiled by the Commissioner. Sub-Regional Transport Officer Khanderao Deshmukh said that Nagpur has more than 15 lakh two-wheelers and more than two lakh four-wheelers.

Pollution inspection of vehicles is being done regularly by RTO. The new policy of the Central Government will be implemented compulsorily. Ashok Kare, Regional Officer, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, said that the pollution in Nagpur had reduced during the lockdown. At that time there was less traffic on the road so Rs. S. P. M. The amount of was reduced from the air. This proves that pollution from vehicles is on the rise. This needs to be controlled. The event discussed vehicle pollution, industrial pollution, biomass, waste incineration, and dust pollution.

Deputy Commissioner Vijay Deshmukh, Ravindra Bhelave, Superintendent Engineer Manoj Talewar, Executive Engineer Shweta Banerjee, Transport Engineer Shrikant Deshpande, Park Superintendent Amol Chowrapgar, Terry Director Sunil Pandey, VNIT’s Dr. Dilip Lataye, Bhimrao Raut of Environment Department, Sandeep Lokhande, social activist Lina Budhe and others were present.

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