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The survey found 81 patients with fever

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A survey of 7697 homes in the city on Thursday

Under the dengue prevention measures, zonal survey is being carried out by the Municipal Corporation in the city and 7697 houses in the city have been surveyed on Thursday 9th September.

Under the Dengue Prevention Mission, the necessary measures are being taken by the health team of the corporation by conducting a survey in the area near the residence of the dengue victims.
A zonal team surveyed 7697 houses on Thursday.

Out of these, 287 houses were found to be contaminated which means dengue larvae were found in these houses. In addition, 81 patients with fever were found. Blood samples of 163 persons and blood samples of 7 persons have been taken. During the survey, coolers in 439 houses were inspected.

Mosquitoes were found in 73 coolers. 57 coolers were emptied by the Corporation’s team. 188 per cent coolers were treated with 1 per cent Tamifos solution and 174 coolers were treated with 2 per cent deflobenzurome tablets. Guppies were also thrown into 20 coolers.

Under the Dengue Prevention Program, every citizen should take care that mosquitoes do not occur anywhere in their home or area. If any mild symptoms related to dengue are found, a doctor should be consulted immediately, an appeal has been made by the health department of the corporation.

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