Krati Jain is a Co-Founder of Farmacy India.

Krati Jain

It is said that following your passion in life is a sure-fire way to happiness. This is not always the case. Some people give up their passions when it doesn’t lead them down a path that offers an easy, well-paying career.

Sometimes people give up on their dreams because the path to achieve them is too steep and too narrow. Truth is, even if you’re passionate about something, there’s no single way to excel at it. There are a million different paths between two points. If you choose one that suits your skills, you will definitely find success.

Today’s story is all about a girl who followed her passion, only to realize that the path she chose wasn’t for her. Krati Jain, a 23 years old girl from Nagpur has completed her UG from Mithibai, Mumbai in accounting and finance. She was posted in KPMG, Mumbai as a Risk Consultant in Treasury and was earning a fair amount.

In early 2020 she started to plan a business of Hydroponic veggies and stevia sweetener and later in August 2020 she left her job to make her passion a big success. Till Feb 2021, Krati did tough research on this and made sure that she starts the business with solid execution.

In March 2021, Krati started this business with the name FARMACY (Instagram – @farmacy_india, Website –

If you guys don’t know what are hydroponic veggies then let me tell you, hydroponics is a subset of modern farming methods that grow vegetables in water, with the roots suspended in a nutrient-rich liquid medium, instead of soil. They are produced with no soil, using less water than conventional farming, 95% of the water used is recycled. Output can be 4 times the land in contrast to traditional farming.

The best thing is that all the leafy veggies are grown in 30-45days, ensuring faster rotation. The hydroponic veggies are nutritious and fresher than what you normally get in the market.  The crops harvested from these farms include vegetables such as avocado,  curly kale, Chinese cabbage, methi, palak, capsicum, bell pepper, all types of tomato, etc.

Talking about stevia sweetener, another vertical of the brand, it is a natural sweetener (no sugar) with no calories, made from the leaves of the stevia plant from the foothills of the Himalayas. In India, it is also known as Meethi Tulsi. Unlike the other sweeteners, it does not leave a bitter taste at the end. One spoon of stevia is equal to four spoons of table sugar. The best thing is that it is gluten-free and diabetic friendly. It helps in lowering the blood pressure and bad cholesterol. FarmacyStevia is 100% organic and chemical free,

to make your health safe and secure from all the substance that are harmful for you body.

But why did she leave her career to do this business?

Krati explains that she always wanted to do something which can benefit society and make their lives better. “I left my job to pursue my passion, something that was fulfilling. Always felt entrepreneurship was in my blood, had to pursue the course.”

Since she was passionate about healthier alternatives, Krati decided to put her skills and talents into action. She along with her co-founder talked to multiple experts and understood how hydroponics works and started her research. After a lot of time, she understood that this business would be a success in India.

“I wanted to start something on my own and wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. One fine day while scrolling through some articles, I came across hydroponics. I did my research thoroughly on hydroponics before starting Farmacy. I realized that if I start this business, it would be a success in India .”

She further added “There are two reasons why hydroponics is not present much in India. The first one is the cost because the initial investment for setting up a farm is high and that’s why people face problems when they try to do it on a large scale. The second one is, awareness among people.”

The aim to start FARMACY here is to provide fresh and hygienic vegetables and stevia sweeteners to the people. “I want to make sure the people of India get hygienic and fresh vegetables at their doorstep. I don’t want them to compromise on taste, freshness, or nutrient content by buying vegetables from the market. I am making this possible with Farmacy.” People think hydroponics is not for commercial use but it’s not true. It’s better than soil farming with better Quality of crops. Their crops are grown in a controlled environment.

You can clearly see that Krati is following her passion and we wish her all the best for making India a healthy and nutritious nation.

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