Twitter always has been known for its great vision and ability to enthrall the social media world. They often believe in experimenting with new features and trends that can work for them and can create excitement among all Twitter users. Sometimes they fail, sometimes they win. But they keep updating themselves without giving up just to stay in trend in the internet world.

Just like Twitter Fleet that could not work well on Twitter. It was like an Instagram and Snapchat Story where people were able to share any random tweets in their fleets. It was introduced to Twitter on November 17, 2020, and vanished on August 3, 2021. It was like a failed mission but the removal of fleets can be turned into great lessons for many small and large organizations.

On the other hand, Twitter spaces became a huge success for Twitter that has been adopted by the majority of Twitter users. Twitter spaces are a way to have voice conversations on Twitter. The credit to this revolution in the social media world goes to Clubhouse. But Twitter spaces could make their place in the heart of Twitter users successfully.

Even this time, Twitter is going with an experiment with new features and updates. They are testing a new privacy feature to remove followers without blocking them. This feature already exists on Instagram that allows Instagrammers to remove unnecessary people and fake bots from their follower list without blocking them.

As per the Verge, This Twitter ‘Soft Block’ feature is different than blocking someone, which won’t allow them to view your tweets and direct message you. The new remove follower feature from Twitter is more of a remote unfollow button that leaves you with a lot of control about when to create some distance from someone on Twitter in a way that’s not so confrontational.

Twitter also may have plans to bring Facebook Messenger Feature on their platform to raise a toast on Twitter, According to The Times of India. The major micro-blogging site testing emoji reactions for their Tweets. Now, Twitter users are just able to react with a heart on Tweets. But with this feature, They may be able to react with multiple emoji reactions just like on Facebook.