Patna, Nov 23: Naxals blew up a mobile tower in Bihar’s Aurangabad district, police said on Tuesday.

In the high-intensity explosion that occurred on Monday evening in the Naxal-dominated Juhari village, the mobile tower was completely destroyed and collapsed on the ground. A nearby Kisan Bhawan was also damaged.

According to the locals, hundreds of Naxals came to the village to blow up the tower.

“The Naxals also threatened us to stay silent,” the villagers said.

“Though we informed the police about the presence of the Naxals, the security forces did not come. After leaving the village, the Naxals also placed an ambush on the escape route,” they added.

The incident came after the arrest of Jharkhand’s top Naxal commander Prashant Bose alias Kishan Da and his wife Sheela Marandi.

Both were arrested in a joint operation conducted by the Jharkhand Police and CRPF.

In response to the arrests, Naxal and Maoist groups have announced three days of Bharat Bandh from Monday to Thursday.


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