The Three Gunas of Prakriti: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas

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Rajatkumar Dani
Rajatkumar Dani
Rajatkumar Dani is a world-renowned researcher of ancient history and extraterrestrial. He is a youngest researcher of time and had won the distinguished awards of India. He is widely known for his works on before Big bang theory, Connection of god and aliens, Time traveling, galaxy clusters, and other unknown historical mysteries.

Sattva Guna: 

Sattva is pure. It becomes useful for liberation. Therein is reflected the shadow of the Atman. Sattva manifests Atman, as the sun manifests the whole of the universe.

Sattva becomes mixed with rajas and tamas, and the traits of mixed sattva are as follows- declining to take anything upon oneself (absence of pride), observance of the niyamas (contentment, and worship of God).

Other traits include control of the organs, faith, devotion, desire for liberation, a divine nature and cessation from things that are not good for self-purification, harmlessness, truthfulness, freedom from -greed, continence, and absence of acquisitiveness.

Pure Sattva is blissfulness, realization of Self, supreme peace of attainment, cheerfulness, and an abiding quality in the Self, by which one becomes ever-blissful.

Rajas Guna:

Maya has three qualities (gunas) are famous for their own actions. The power of decentralizing (projection) is rajas, from which all the desires spring.

What are its effects?

Constant attachment and all the disturbances of the mind, sorrow and pain. It is the cause of bondage.

The properties of rajas are desire for enjoyment, anger (from obstruction to enjoyment), greed, pride, envy, egotism and jealousy.

Tamas Guna:

The property of tamas is to cover, as scattering is the property of rajas. It makes things appear to be what they are not, and that is the cause of bondage, and even of decentralization (or projection).

It is really one quality, appearing in different actions; we call it by different names. It is one force. In tamas lies dormant the power that is manifested in rajas-decentralization.

What a tremendous power this tamas has! Even he who has knowledge of the Atman, who is versed in the scriptures, very intelligent, who has very keen insight – even such a person, engrossed in tamas – cannot understand the Atman, even when explained in many different ways; but he takes the attributes of Maya as the Atman.

Falseness, thinking the opposite of the Atman the impossibility of things these do not leave him who is engrossed in tamas. The scattering power makes him restless.

And he remains in ignorance, dullness, sleep or thinking impossible things, like a pillar without any understanding.

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