Balancing the See Saw of Reel and Real: A Psychological Perspective on the lives of Influencers

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Scenic backgrounds, awe-inspiring content, high-class fashion, luscious cuisines andbreath-taking destinations. A content creator’s life revolves around these- isn’t it? It seems like they are living the life of our dreams! But are the reel and reality identical? Do they sync in the same way they look on the screen? Does the 4k resolution camera succeed in demonstrating the real person behind it?

Content creators or influencers are always seen with a cheerful attitude, the widest smile and an aura of motivation but behind their dazzling smile in their pictures, there might be a soul tearing apart every second of the shoot. The people who make us forget about our worries might be suffering from their own issues. The temptation of becoming your own boss comes at cost and not everyone is able to bear it. Being self-employed looks highly attractive on the outside. However, it is not easy to handle the complexities that come along on one’s journey of becoming a successful content creator. On the surface,it all might seem lustrous but if one peeps deep inside, one would get to see the various challenges a content creator has to face on a daily basis. With great caution and care the audience has to be woven into a single thread. One mistake and the thread can break leading to the creator losing all their viewership and audience.

The pressure of keeping the audience engaged with one’s content, creating new and creative content on a regular basis, acquiring a new audience and consistently performing with a smile on their face costs them their emotional well-being.The world of social media carries a thumb rule- “More the engagement, more the success”. Keeping a constant check on the number of subscribers, likes and views disturbs their sleep cycle, snatches away their peace and starts ruling over their emotions. With increasing social media presence arise issues related handling hate which has had an indelible impact on the minds of creators. Some have openly talked about how this pushed them into a pool of anxiety and depression. Despite all the challenges, they have to keep on creating new content consistently.

What’s peculiar about this profession is that taking a break from work can prove to be detrimental sometimes. Though lot of people support this but there are also many who have shown criticism. Therefore, it does become hard to draw line between reel and real especially for those who do not have specialised content and instead have their content revolving around their family and day to day life. In case of not having clear demarcations in terms of content, the question – “what to share and what not to share?” often puts them in dilemma.

Along with their online life,creators too lead an offline life. They have the full right to live their life the way they desire.

Creative blocks prove to be their worst enemy. This leads to a delay in posting and in turn leads to the development of self-doubt and an inferiority complex. From others’ perception to their views on the content makes the creators question their potential at every step which ultimately impacts their determination and self-esteem. Furthermore, the comment section which plays a significant role frequently turns into a space conducive for depression.

Therefore, it has become extremely crucial for us to be a bit more responsible since our words carry weight and they can become burdensome for the life sitting on the other side of the screen.Let’s strive to empathize and focus on the social and emotional well – being of all the content creators and influencers who leave no stone unturned to bring a smile on our face and keep us entertained even on the harshest of days.

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