Music Industry is mostly dependent on Live shows and was hit hard by Pandemic” says Singer Mitul Kaushik

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Mitul says, the musicians who depended solely on live shows for a living were hit the most by the COVID-19 pandemic. Only the ones who had some other sources of income were able to sustain themselves.

He says , for the professional musicians live shows were a primary source of income , once it gets stopped ,life became difficult.

He says , musicians also need money to produce it , so music never comes for free.. and due to pandemic everything came to a stop.

With lockdown and other strict and precautionary measures in cities , organising a music show was not easy and almost next to impossible.

Mitul says , Hope the new varient named Omicron will not be able to sustain for a long time . Still we should follow all the guidelines provided by the Government of India and wear masks to save ourselves from this pandemic. I hope that everything will be normal in recent days and life of other musicians who are dependent on the live shows will be living a normal life with lots of shows in their bucket.

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