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Vaishnavi Shinde – Founder of “_popsugarr_

Here is an inspirational story of Vaishnavi Shinde, who started experimenting with baking to kill time. Vaishnavi Shinde is from Nagpur and pursuing Civil engineering from Shri Ramdeobaba College Of Engineering And Management, Nagpur. So, during the 1st lockdown in 2020, she started watching baking videos and tried baking at home. 

She has been in many extracurricular activities and loves to explore new things. So, baking was a unique experience for her. But, the way she used to bake at home, everyone around her was impressed. Of course, it is evident that just by watching Youtube videos and Instagram videos, she bakes such beautiful cakes; what magic will she do if she gets a professional touch in this?

After friends and family pushed her to get into the baking industry, Vaishnavi virtually launched “_popsugarr_” as a startup on 26th July 2020.  Her startup name “Pop Sugarr” is a play on words because sugar is the main ingredient in most desserts. She was looking forward to the startup taking off soon and that too happened within a short period of time with the help of Whatsapp and Instagram publicity

She got a great response and got daily orders from nearby in the starting phase, but after that, she got orders from all around the city. One thing to be highlighted here is that she does not bake in the microwave as microwaves are not that health-friendly instead she uses a household cooktop.

One thing that Vaishnavi does and no other bakery does is to provide half kg customized cakes. Usually, we see the customization feature is available with 2kg or more weighing cakes, but she provides half kg customized cakes with a variety of flavors. This strategy worked out to be the best for her, as the sale boosted up like never before. And, she finds it easier to make half kg customized cakes rather than the other ones. 

Vaishnavi tries to make as health-friendly products as she can; therefore she modifies the frosting, fondant, and other stuff by herself. The unique flavors that she provides include rose delight, lichi, gulab jamun, rasmalai, etc. And the chocolate flavors include classic chocolate, choco chips, caramel, Nutella, cookie & cream, etc. Among the chocolate, Mocha chocolate is the best seller of all time.

In the year 2021, Vaishnavi, along with her team of 20-30 members, conducted a flea market fest called “Hallowe’en Makers Faire by pop sugarr ” on 30th and 31st October 2020. This was arranged in Amrut Bhawan, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur. Vaishnavi and her team approached many home-based businesses and small businesses to put up a stall to showcase their products. On the 1st day, there were 800-900 people who attended the program and on the 2nd day, around 3,500 thousand people attended the flea market and making it a huge success. Recently she made a 3d mapping cake in which a projector was used to portray a video on the cake. This was the first time that Nagpur witnessed such a mesmerizing scene. 

Halloween Makers Faire by Pop Sugarr
3d mapping cake by Pop Sugarr

Self-believing is the key to the path of success

So, here we can see how Vaishnavi believed in herself and launched her startup, and now gaining immense love and support from the whole city because of her talent and creativity. A message that she wants to give to every small business owner is that everyone should believe in themselves. When we have self-doubt, we are stuck in one place and can’t move forward. Startups create opportunities and help other people financially. Therefore, everyone must think to start something of their own. 

Vaishnavi Shinde had zero experience in the field, but she believed in herself and made this happen. If you want to know more about Vaishnavi Shinde as pop sugarr, visit her page on Instagram at _popsugarr_

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