Breathtaking Story of Dharmaveer Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj

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Rajatkumar Dani
Rajatkumar Dani
Rajatkumar Dani is a world-renowned researcher of ancient history and extraterrestrial. He is a youngest researcher of time and had won the distinguished awards of India. He is widely known for his works on before Big bang theory, Connection of god and aliens, Time traveling, galaxy clusters, and other unknown historical mysteries.

Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj was born in Purandar fort on 14th May 1657. Saibai was mother of Sambhaji. Grandmother Jijamata took care of Sambhaji because of the death of Saibai when he was just 2 years old. 

Sambhaji Maharaj in Marathi is also known as Chhava, which means Cub of a Lion. He was a scholar of Sanskrit and eight other languages.

Balidan Mas means those 30 days in which the Aurangzeb had given different punishments to Sambhaji Maharaj on Bahadurgad. On the last day means Mahamrutunjay Amavasya cut all the parts of the body and spread them in Tulapur’s desert.

Raje can not give a proper fire after death thus we have to discipline the Balidan Mas as our nearest relative is expired.

Sambhaji Raje’s Death and His Breathtaking Staunchness on Hinduism

In 1689 however, the situation changed. The Maratha King was at Sangameshwar is unaware of the nearness of his enemies and with a scant force around him. After a sudden raid under Muqarrab Khan, a Mughal force reached the place and after a bitter fight succeeded in capturing Shambhaji and Kavi Kalash. They were sent to prisons and were tortured to convert to anti-Vedic Islam.

Sambhaji and Kalash were brought out of their cages and given caps with bells sewn into them. To their hands were tied rattles and they were tied to camels and dragged along the markets of Tulapur, with the Mughals spitting on them. 

They were pushed and drawn forcibly and as they were moved the rattling sound was heard. Muslims watching from bylanes laughed revealing their true nature of brutality and cruelty. They clearly showed they were no more humans but beasts after accepting the satanic teachings of the koran. His minister Kalash was also resisting and praised in Sanskrit shloka the opulence and existence of Bhagwan when one of the mlecchas pulled his hair to accept Islam. 

He bluntly rejected and said Hinduism is above all dharma of truth and peace. The Marathas were forced to witness the fate of their king. Even at this point terrorist, Aurangzeb added that he would spare Sambhaji’s life if he converted to Islam. 

But Sambhaji mocked remembering how Muslims insulted Hindu women that he might consider that if he gave his daughter in marriage to him. He then added that he was not a fool like the Muslims to beguiled by a mentally ill person (Mohammed) posing as a prophet. 

He then praised the Hindu gods and said he was willing to sacrifice his life as an offering to the great (Bhagwan) Mahadev, after knowing whom delusional religions (Adharms) held no attraction. No one till then had ever told facts about Allah, Mohammed, and Islam so fiercely as Sambhaji did in front of mleccha Aurangzeb. 

In a fit of rage, Aurangzeb ordered salt to be rubbed into his bruises and Sambhaji was then dragged below his throne. But Sambhaji kept praising Bhagwan Shiv. Then his tongue was cut off and placed at the Alamgir’s feet who ordered it to be given to a dog. 

They cut off his tongue but these mlecchas failed to understand one thing how can they wipe out the feelings from the mind and heart of Sambhaji. Sambhaji was smiling and still praising Bhagwan Shiv, glaring through his eyes toward the Mughals. Then his eyes were gouged out and next his limbs were cut off one by one. But it was done slowly torturing Sambhaji each day. 

The memory of his inspirational father must have been close to Shambaji in the last days – given just sufficient time to rest between the tortures and removal of limbs after nearly two weeks of horrendous and unthinkable pain the broken and limbless king was executed – His head was cut off and placed on public display around the cities and towns of Maharashtra as a warning. 

While his body was cut into pieces and fed to the dogs of Tulapur. But it did not have the desired effect. The brave Hindu Maratha kept remembering Bhagwan Shiv till the last moment and his praises began the weakening of mleccha (Muslims) invasions.

The brave defiance of Sambhaji even under such a torturous and painful ordeal spread like wildfire among Marathas. Till the last moment of his death, he fought for the Dharma. Even after experiencing such unthinkable excruciating and humiliating inflictions, Sambhaji rejected the offer of joining the terrorist cult Islam. He not only was defiant but also pragmatically mocked the evilness of the anti-dharma, Islam. 

The Hindu Marathas got immense inspiration, they thought if a single person along with his minister could show such retaliation for the cause of Hinduism then why not all of us, fight the cause together. Rajaram and all other Maratha ministers joined hands and started fighting a series of wars against the terrorism of Aurangzeb. 

The news of unity and the fierce resistance of Hindu Marathas in western and southern Bharat spread in the northern states of Bharat, and people from the North started retaliation against the Mughals. The escalation that led to a series of wars with the Sikhs, the Marathas, the Jats, and the Rajputs had drained the resources of the Mughal Empire. At last, Aurangzeb was never at peace, he kept fighting the war and died in huge despair and sorrow in 1707.

If the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj tells us how to “Live”, Then Chhatrapati Dharmaveer Sambhaji Maharaj tells us how to “Die”.

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