Past 70, Mammootty enters a new ‘age’ with his aura intact

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Thiruvananthapuram, Apr 23 (IANS): Malayalam superstar Mammootty turned 70 on Saturday and though his aura shines bright as ever, he has certainly mellowed down.

Gone are the days of the haughty personality that he used to carry with him, instead now he has become an extremely mellowed down personality and has no airs about himself at all.

Now past 70, the ageless superstar has been donning the grease paint for close to five decades in over 400 films and according to a source in the know of things, one of the major reason why there has been a huge change in his outlook is the Covid pandemic.

With Covid raging all around and life becoming virtual, two years disappeared just like that and things went for a toss, when the superstar turned Covid positive.

According to the source, ever since Mammootty turned positive and after he came out of it , he has become too good a person, free from all emotional baggage.

Even with all the emotional glitches, none used to have any issues with the superstar and the beauty is, without it, he has now become the darling of many.

Mammootty for long had shifted base from Chennai to his home district Ernakulam and has permanently settled at the bustling commercial capital of the state Kochi.

His actor son Dulqar Salman also is there, while his daughter is based in Bengaluru.

Today the easiest way to find out if the superstar is around, be it at a hotel or anywhere, is the presence of two of his closest aides – producer Anto Joseph and stand up comedian Ramesh Pisharody, if sighted, then rest assured, that the superstar is around.

His most recent release “Bheeshma Parvam” has been a runaway hit and on May 1 is going to be another keenly watched day, when ‘CBI 5: The Brain’ is going to be released and this is the fifth instalment of the CBI series, each of which became a huge blockbuster.

And not to mention his present film which he is shooting in and around Ernakulam directed by Nissam Basheer and those associated with the film reveal, that the crime thriller will bring out the best of Mammootty.

Overall, even at 70, Mammootty is a sure bet for any producer as his presence is good enough to break even and now with a mellowed down personality, his fortunes will continue to rise.

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