The Investor’s Global Summit Dubai 2022: His Highness Sheikh Majid Honors Dr. Nabhit Kapur in Dubai 

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Running a successful ending to the sixth month of UAE’s extended celebration of culture and innovation. UAE awarded some remarkable investments. In this celebration, His Highness Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla welcomed over 300 growing businesses in the field of cybersecurity, health, crypto, blockchain, real estate, and NFT. All the businesses that had collaborations with these businesses were also present at the global summit of investor growth.

Entrepreneurs and business experts from around 300 nations participated in this celebration. More than 100 investors also took part, along with 50 foreign diplomats. The event was to identify and appreciate the new business ideas that bring employment opportunities and increase the economy of respective nations. This Global investor summit took place in the Hotel of Dubai in the presence of several members of the ruling dynasty.

Several prominent business personalities also participated from India. Some of the most prominent names included the home minister of Haryana, Mr. Anil Vij, the Former home minister and ministry of industry of Gujarat, Mr. Naresh Rawal, and Mr. Manoj Pal Singh, who is the minister of Haryana state’s infrastructure and industrial development, and many more. Along with all these big names, Dr. Nabhit Kapur, who is a renowned mental health advocate, also graced the event.

Several other guests from other nations also participated in the event with guests from India. It includes the ambassador for Africa and Asia, Benjamin Moses Jallow. Honorable his excellency Promise Anurika Nwadigos, Professor Edet B. EKpenyong from the international society of diplomats, Nigeria, and Ilan Szutlman Starosta- the Israeli minister, took part in the event.

Dr, Nabhit Kapur’s presence highlighted the event and increased its importance. As he is a mental health expert, his speech made the summit more meaningful for global investors and business personalities. He advised and recommended businesses with several mental health knowledge. He visions a globe that is free from mental health issues and all the related taboos. He also has explained some of his most prominent use cases, where he brought some of the most remarkable changes.

Dr. Nabhit Kapur addressed several healthcare investors and their role in eradicating mental health problems. He highlighted how healthcare businesses are extending their step toward a progressive tomorrow. Dr. Nabhit Kapur also says that mental health problems also have the potential to become a global pandemic if not addressed at the right time. His Highness Sheikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla was highly impressed with the speech and addressing of Dr. Nabhit Kapur. In the event, after his speech, Dr. Nabhit Kapur was awarded by the Excellency himself. His Highness Sheikh Majid had words with Mr. Kapur, and both interacted quite a few times.

After Dr. Nabhit Kapur’s speech and ideas, His Highness also addressed the gathering and offered his thanks to all the global investors and businesses for their contributions. His Highness, in his speech, said, “Our sole objective is to provide all support for innovation with the maximum facility to all the startups during their initial stage.” He further added, “that companies are ready to invest in nurturing ideas, and that’s remarkable news. It will bring the most successful business year in the coming time. A stage like this is always a great platform to celebrate the achievements and the heights of business. This will promote all those new businesses and offer them a boost to increase their efficiency”. His Highness is also thanks to all the previous investors who have supported and made UAE stand out in the marketplace. He added that they are always working to extend full support and push those businesses that think unique and out of the box. UAE is ready to offer complete assistance along with all the required resources. His Highness also said that meeting those potential businesses at this stage is always an honor.

Majestic investment is one of those UAE-based companies that have been inaugurated in India to empower all the startups. This company is in Chandigarh and was inaugurated in the month of February by Sheikh Majid himself. On his last visit, he inaugurated the company to improve its business in India. His Highness Sheikh Majid’s vision is incredible, and he is quite passionate about helping all the startups to grow. This grand event in the H Hotel of Dubai was only possible due to the belief and hard work of Majestic Investment Company. Majestic investments also have the same aspiration as His Highness, and they aspire to match his energy. The event was impressive, and his Highness himself said that he is looking forward to more events like this, where he can interact and talk to business leaders who are changing the world. He wished to help and empower the startups in every possible way through his venture, Majestic investment.

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