Anand Mahindra Won’t Reveal Scorpio’s Launch Date Or He “Will Be Fired”

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'Sshhhh. If I Tell You, I'll Be Fired': Anand Mahindra On Scorpio Launch

Anand Mahindra said he is as excited about the launch the upcoming Scorpio.

Anand Mahindra likes to engage with people on Twitter, often by addressing their queries and also sharing interesting stuff with them. He is known to be candid on social media. However, Mr Mahindra knows when to hold back and what information he should divulge and what not. When a user recently asked him about the launch date of the upcoming Scorpio, a popular SUV offered by his Mahindra & Mahindra Group, the veteran industrialist smartly deflected the attention, saying he “will be fired” if he disclosed that information. But, Mr Mahindra added, he is as excited about the launch as the Twitter user.

“Sir please tell me on which date the Scorpio is going to launch because we are waiting for it,” said the person. Replying to the tweet, Mr Mahindra said, “Sshhhh. If I tell you, I’ll be fired… But I can say this much…I’m as excited as you are.”

While he did not satisfy the person who asked for a specific date, many others appreciated Mr Mahindra’s response, describing it as “humorous”.

“Sir, best humorous tweet I have seen, ‘Sshhhh. If I tell you, I’ll be fired’,” said a person.

Some suggested no one could fire Mr Mahindra from his own company.

A user urged him to ensure that the new Scorpio has improved interiors, adding the vehicle looks great from the outside.

Check some other reactions.

While the company has announced no specific date for the new Scorpio’s launch, it is expected to debut in June this year, coinciding with the Scorpio’s 20th anniversary. 

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