Is India United? Do We Enjoy Freedom?

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Rajatkumar Dani
Rajatkumar Dani
Rajatkumar Dani is a world-renowned researcher of ancient history and extraterrestrial. He is a youngest researcher of time and had won the distinguished awards of India. He is widely known for his works on before Big bang theory, Connection of god and aliens, Time traveling, galaxy clusters, and other unknown historical mysteries.

India is a secular nation and we all believe this because it is written in books and we are taught since childhood. Secularism exists, but where? Everywhere people fight for their regions and they want their tradition and culture to spread. Fine, it is good, but is it good for the country? India, in fact, is like a continent with various countries, ready to degrade another and ever-ready for tussle. No matter where we go, we face some or the other issue(s). Instead of thinking about country’s growth, politicians and leaders are obsessed with their own benefits by feeding on our susceptibility. We all know this but we have no power to fight with these big fish. The people, who try to raise voice, disappear in unknown realms or they give up for some unexplained reasons.

Fervour Fades:

Our generation has the ability to do something, but unfortunately, our fervour fades in some days or even hours. Today, every medium is striving hard to gain some or the other thing either directly or indirectly. Some time back, we could notice a lot of zeal for some Young India stuff but what happened after that? Silence prevailed, as usual!

Rulers of Regions and Religions:

Religion and region play a crucial role in human lives. These are our major mediums and weakness, which the so-called exploiters take advantage and enjoy the fruits of their dark deeds. India was one nation but none could withstand the unity and the result is Pakistan and Bangladesh. After these two major events, they still need more partition and more partiality in whatsoever way.

Most of the states today carry discrimination and they provoke common man to leave their lives and fight for these issues. They need ‘separation’. Is it rational? Instead of making India stronger by coming together, they have other issues to disrupt national harmony and integrity. They think for themselves, their Z+ security, people’s hard-earned money (in the form of taxes) and comfortable lives; and if they find anything against them, then we have to suffer due to communal riots, regional riots, etc. After gaining some cheap publicity through media, they sip in shining glasses and smile. Now, who are fools here? We know everything yet we sit and get used to the current situation of our country.

India Fades in Regions:

Nobody today will find an INDIAN but people will find a North Indian, South Indian, Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Bihari, Andhraite, etc. Many Indians cannot speak, read or write Hindi, the national language. Partiality and intolerance are at zenith. Some will release some unnecessary Fatwa or some will create an age-old Babri-Ram issue to divert the attention. Instead of encouraging youth towards accomplishment, these leaders are luring them to vandalize and to create terror and cacophony in society. Are they really leaders and do they deserve ruling us?

Death of Sagacious Thoughts:

Moreover, we are left behind. Countless creative minds are lurking in the dirt of darkness and whoever strives to unleash hidden talent in the form of art, he/she is becoming the victim of so-called Right-wing vandals. One of the finest examples is Mr. Shivaji Panikkar of Vadodara, Gujarat, who was attacked in 2007 by some Right-wing mob.

Every artist has right to express his views in whatsoever way and nobody has any right to say or do anything to him/her! Well, the mob shouted at him as “traitor, go back”. Well, did they even know the meaning of “traitor”? Traitors are those bloody leaders who eat our money, who enjoy security, who accept garlands of currency notes, who claim to rule regions and who say that the whole state belongs to them. This is “treason” because India is secular and we have every right to express our views. We do have Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, but they make us feel like a Taliban-ruled nation.

Illiterate Losers:

First of all, they should know what Indian Constitution is. Were they even literates who attacked Mr. Shivaji Panikkar? Did they even know what they were doing? This cheap, low mentality will rot their souls and they did not do anything great in life and they will never let anyone do too. If they love their country so much then go and vandalize the corrupt officials and leaders who have made their lives like this.

The following is the way how the crowd acts like puppies after bones of leaders:

a) Man/Youth: Illiterate, fed-up with life, jobless, loser, financially depressed, domestic-abuser, has full time to do anything.

b) Leader: Rowdy becomes leader of some party, cops drop cases against him, then he takes money from upper-hand, distributes money amongst the losers as mentioned above, talks about religion even when he does not know anything about it or flaunts money, and the losers start acting like puppies and trained dogs, start burning vehicles, attack people who write, paint, draw, or speak.

c) Cowards: When everything is done, now the cowards, due to the pressure of their upper-hand, do not take action. They sit and spit! Moreover, they take action against the victim.

This is how it is done, and many of us know this but still!


After the attack, Mr. Shivaji Pannikar was sacked from his post as a professor and whoever had sacked him, was either scared of these Right-wing hooligans or was one of them. Wonder who made him/her the authority. The whole world knows that whatever Mr. Shivaji Panikkar had done was not wrong. Art is one’s talent and a person can express in his/her own way.

The Corrupt Police:

The police and so-called security are corrupt. They take bribe, openly and eat our money, and they have this filthy attitude to sit, chew Paan or Gutkha and spit on our own roads, where we pay taxes. They do not even have shame, yet they talk worst than road-side thug. They roam as if the country is their fathers’ property and they can do whatever they wish to- why? Because they are in police!

As per Ms Shabnam Hashmi’s statement, one of the mob members was a cop. Well, what did she expect from the higher top-cops? They did not do anything, obviously because they too have their own black pages of secrets. Therefore, they know very well how to protect their own-kind and how to fool people.

The Media:

And our so-called media- they need some great spicy news column, some controversy and after that, they never follow-up! Everything goes blank after some time.


Something similar happened with M. F. Hussain and other artists, writers, etc. If this keeps on going and if we do not stop or do anything, they will sit on our heads and will make us move according to them and yes, they are doing that. Our mind is not anyone’s property and we cannot simply sit and let anything die inside us. Many similar events have happened in the past and no action was taken. Why will they take any action? Our judges sleep when the cases go on and it takes decades to come to the conclusion.


What we need today is faith- faith not in anything but within. Self-judgement is important and when we mull over this and become practical, then we can do something rather than sitting like lame ducks and waiting for ferocious animals to gulp us down!

There are various ways through which we can go out and do something. Well, what is this something? Something could be anything but not nothing! If you really love your country and if you really want change, if you seriously want our future generation to be bold, strong, and live in harmony, then spend at least 15 minutes daily in thinking what can be done. When countless minds think, one in a million can be striking idea. Nobody is perfect but we can make things perfect with our combined strength! We can grab each idea and can make it big. This might be difficult but not impossible and we all have self-will. We just need to explore. We need some fire and then we will shine with our country!

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