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New Delhi: Dog owners in Punjab’s Mohali may be charged a fine if they don’t register their dogs as per the Mohali Municipal Corporation (MC) by June 1. Although the dog registration drive had begun in November last year, very few dog owners have come forward to register their pets. According to an Hindustan Times report, there are an estimated 20,000 pet dogs in the district but only 78 people have registered their pet dogs since last year.

Speaking about the same, HT quoted MC commissioner Kamal Kumar Garg saying, “We have allowed enough time and now from June 1, we are going to start imposing a ₹1,000 fine on the owners of unregistered pet dogs. Teams have been formed to survey their respective areas for unregistered pet dogs.”

What is the registration process?

Pet owners in Mohali can register their pet dogs on this website : The one-time registration fee is Rs 100 and the annual fee of Rs 100 also has to be paid thereafter. The dog must be vaccinated along with a certificate proof validating its fitness and health.

The city mayor Amarjit Singh Sidhu had announced last year that people not registering their pet dogs will have to pay Rs 100 for one-month delay, Rs 200 for delay of 2 months.

What are the new rules for pet owners?

  1. The pet dog owners are required to keep their pet vaccinated, safe and healthy. Regular checkups at the vet will be help ensure their dog is safe from infections and diseases and fit to be a member of society.
  2. Those with ferocious dogs or aggressive pets need to ensure their dog is wearing a muzzle and is accompanied with a stick to ensure safety of passerby. It is solely the owner’s responsibility to maintain safety of those around his pet dog.
  3. The dog is required to wear a collar with the metal token issued by the Registration Authority at all times. 
  4. Owners are mandated to compensate for any damages, hurt caused by their pet dog. In short, the owner must take responsibility for their pet dog’s actions. 
  5. Owners are barred from indulging in commercial breeding of dogs at their home.
  6. Pet dogs are not allowed to defecate in public spaces. Owners must clear the area if their dog defecates in a certain area and carry their own materials to do so.
  7. The pet dogs are restricted from visiting certain areas in the district. 

Pet owners who violate any of these bye laws can be fined over Rs 500 and if the violation continues to occur, there may be an additional fine everyday of Rs 20. If the dog is seized or detained by authorities, the owners need to pay Rs 100 for the daily needs of their pet and then claim him/her withint 7 days after which the registration for the pet will be cancelled.

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