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A day after receiving a rousing reception from an enthusiastic audience in Tel Aviv, Israel, Sadhguru, Founder-Isha Foundation, reached Palestine on day 47 of his #JourneyForSoil. In a stirring appeal from Palestine, Sadhguru called for a forward-looking, solutions-oriented approach that would help nations “keep the bitterness of the past aside and pave a wonderful future for our children.”

“Borders mean nothing for soil. All nations and the planet itself must thrive. Only then can we live well. I appeal to all nations and religions, let us put aside the bitterness of the past, and strive to create rich soil & rich nations for the sake of future generations,” Sadhguru said.

Sadhguru is on the Middle East leg of his 100-day, 30,000-km lone motorcycle journey as part of the Movement to Save Soil from extinction globally. In a video message recorded in a date nursery in Palestine, Sadhguru spoke of the nation’s rich agricultural history, skill and knowledge which had “shrunk in a big way” due to the long-running conflict.

Sadhguru revealed that as recently as in the 60s, 90% of the Palestinian population was engaged in agriculture which accounted for over 50% of the country’s and region’s economy. “It’s my wish that we support the Palestinian people to enhance the richness in their soil…so that future generations ….can once again bring back agriculture as a significant force in their life,” he said.

Sadhguru has often referred to the Movement to Save Soil as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Humanity to rally behind a cause that affects every human being and every life on the planet.

“As human beings, we have divided the world in so many ways,” he said, “but as Life, as Soil, national borders mean nothing for soil, nothing for the microbial life, so it’s important for us to understand if our nation has to be good, all nations around us must be good. The planet itself must be healthy and thriving as a Life. Only then our lives will be truly good.”

He appealed “to all nations concerned, to all people concerned, all religious groups concerned” to make the choice to move forward rather than living in remembrance of a painful history. “Let us look at the faces of our children, let us not remember the injustices of the past,” he said adding, “it’s very important we look at the joyful faces of our children and strive to create a rich soil and a rich nation.”

Sadhguru will also travel to Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman during the Middle East leg of his journey.

In March this year, Sadhguru launched the global Movement to Save Soil from extinction. The primary objective of the Movement is to urge nations of the world to formulate policies to ensure all agricultural lands have a minimum of 3-6% organic content.



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