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Sabbir Khan’s upcoming film, ‘Nikamma‘ starring Abhimanyu Dassani, Shirley Setia and Shilpa Shetty has been making all the right noises ahead of its release. The songs from the film, especially its title track, have been receiving positive response from the audience. ETimes got in touch with the voice behind the reprised version of the popular song, Dev Negi for a candid chat where he spilled the beans on the songs he has sung for the film, its comparison with the original, a recent song he is listening on loop and more. Excerpts…

Your title song ‘Nikamma’ is already a chartbuster. What kind of reactions have you been receiving for the song?
I have been getting an overwhelming reaction to the song ‘Nikamma’ right from the day it was released. In fact, I have been getting a lot of requests for the song on my live shows. I have been singing the song on stage on demand. People have loved the song.

The original song from ‘Kyaa Dil Ne Kahaa’ has been sung by Shaan. Were you worried about your song being compared to the original?
The original ‘Nikamma’ song is already a super-duper hit song. The good thing about the recreation is that we have only taken the hook part of the song. The anataras and mukhdas are all new and original. There is always a fear of getting compared with the original. However, we always try to retain the soul of the song and not ruin it. If not better, it at least matches the level of the original song.

Despite being a remake, how did you make the song your own?
As I mentioned earlier, only the hook part of the song has been taken from the original. The lyrics of the other part of the songs are new and original. Because the title of the film is ‘Nikamma’ we worked on this song. This is a hardcore club dance number and has various gimmicks in it. I have sung it differently.

A lot of remakes and reprised versions of songs are being released. What is your take on it as a singer?
I just feel that if a song is being recreated, the energy of the original song should not be dropped. If not one step ahead of it, it should at least be at par with it. It is a good thing that people are trying to bring back the old melodies for the younger generation to hear and that too in a way that they would like it.

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Tell us something about the song, ‘Tere Bin Kya’.
‘Tere Bin Kya’ is one of my favourite songs. I am basically known for my dance numbers in the industry but with ‘Tere Bin Kya’, I got an opportunity to showcase my voice in a romantic song. We had actually composed this song a few years ago and had kept it in our song bank. Sabbir Khan loved this song and with this, I too got a chance to sing a romantic number. People have loved this song too. I am glad that I have sung two very different songs for ‘Nikamma’ and people have loved both of them equally.

Out of all the songs that you have sung so far, which song is closest to your heart and why?
I love all my songs but if I had to choose one, I would go for the ‘Sweetheart’ song from ‘Kedarnath’. I absolutely love the lyrics, the romance and the overall composition of the song. It is the closest to my heart.

We have lost some ace musicians including Lata Mangeshkar, KK and others in recent times. It must have been heartbreaking…
It has been very hard to even imagine that the person who you have grown up listening to and grown-up learning from is no longer around you. The void left behind by Lata ji, Bappi Da and KK can never be filled.

Is there any recent composition that got you completely hooked?
I have been recently hooked on the ‘Kahani’ song from Aamir Khan’s ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’. The song has been composed by Pritam and written by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

What does the second part of 2022 have in store for Dev Negi?
There are many upcoming films which I cannot talk about right now. Apart from them, I have been working on my individual music. I will be releasing them soon.

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