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Rupal Patil
Rupal Patil
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From a week, there is a very important topic in Social media. We the Indian people can become Agni Soldiers or Agni Veers.

The Agni Path.

Many youngsters want to join the army. A New Platform for recruitment into the Indian army has been created. 

How can we use this Platform?

What will happen if we join our army?

What is your Salary?

How is the Indian govt going to take his scheme to the next level?

What are the benefits of joining our army?

CCEA(The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs) and Union Cabinet met and approved a scheme called “Agnipath”. In 2020 The Agnipath scheme started its Creation. This idea is the Brainchild of the Late. General Bipin Rawat. So his idea is the Agnipath. 

What is this Agnipath Scheme?

Agnipath aims to strengthen the Indian army with Younger Blood. Many Youngers are waiting to serve their Country. So these youngsters will have a short time to serve their country. 

You can serve 4 upto 5 years under the Agnipath in the Indian army. Currently, the Agnipath has been allotted to recruit 46000 New soldiers. These soldiers will be called Agniveers. 

What is the Difference between normal Indian soldiers and Agniveers?

The Normal Indian soldiers have a permanent jobs. But Agnipath is a temporary job. The Agniveers can only serve for 4 to 5 years. They can reach a level of Jawwan’s and cannot reach the Officer’s Level. The Salary for the Agniveers ranges from 30000 to 40000 rs per month. The Indian govt will take 30% as an Investment fund from the Salary of the Agniveer. 

The Indian govt will also pay extra for this investment and by the end of the 4-year service, it may amount to 11 to 12 lakhs. There will be no income tax for this amount. The Soldier’s allowance and salary will be given to the Agniveers. There is no pension for these Soldiers. Many believe that the Govt is suffering due to the Pension scheme. People target the Govt jobs for Job guarantees and Pensions until their death. 

The Indian govt has to allot a huge amount for the Pensioners from the budget. This is the same in the army. To overcome this the govt has decided to introduce the New Scheme. This is one of the reasons for the creation of the Agni path. The second reason is we are surrounded by Enemies. China and Pakistan have become India’s enemies. Their aim is to anytime Invade India.

 It is very hard for the Indian army to recruit new soldiers in times of war. So this year 46000 normal young people are trained by the Indian army. Next year the numbers may be high. Their resumes will be saved in the Indian army. So if something happens like a war, these soldiers will be immediately called to serve and they will have the training to fight the enemy. 

What could the Agniveers do after their Service for 4 years?

All data will be recorded by the Indian army during training. If you manage to be the right candidate, you may be selected for the Indian army as a Permanent soldier. This percentage maybe 25% to 30%. The Indian army can even extend the service of the Agniveers. 

The agniveers are eligible to join the Army, Navy And Airforce. So training will be given to Agniveers according to their skills. The Total Service time will be 4 years. The training period will be 6 months. The Benefits of Agnipath are that 40000 jobs are created. The youngsters who are eager to join the Indian army will get a chance to serve their Motherland. 

The govt can save money by recruiting the Agniveers because there will be no permanent jobs and no Pensions. The next benefit is the Indian people being trained in the army will increase the power of the Indian army. They will be Reserves of the Indian army if needed. If there is a war the Indian army can call upon the trained Agniveers. 

Finally, the Soldier gets the Salary, Allowance, after 4 years they get a sum of money and then the Pride of joining the Indian army and Serving their Nation. Based on Agnipath many companies may change their policies. So if an Agniveer has completed serving his 4 years in the army. He might get various offers from different companies. These are the benefits of the Agnipath. The age limit is from 17 to 21 yrs old. 

It may be moved till 24 yrs old. The youngsters can apply to the Agnipath. The Indian govt has made the announcement soon it will release the Recruitment date. In 2022 upto 46000 Soldiers will become agniveers. Their uniforms may have some changes. They will be called the Agniveer who will be a future-ready soldier. 

Can the Agniveers continue their service?

After completing 4 years of service they have a chance to be recruited again to be a part of the agniveers. The Indian army is in the Initial stage of the Agnipath. In the future, the service may be extended. There are many depts in the Indian army. Based on their skills these agniveers may be transferred to different depts of the Indian army. 

What is the difference between the Agnipath and Short Service Commission?

To know more about the Short Service Commission we need to understand the events in World War2. In World War 2 the losses of soldiers were huge. Countries needed more men to fight in the war. So Short Service term was introduced. Many countries started this and in some countries, it was called the Tour of Duty Scheme. According to the Short Service Commission in India, a soldier can serve upto 10 to 14 years. This service started in World War2.

In 1962 China invaded India. India needed fresh soldiers. India initiated the Short Service Scheme. So After World War 2, the Scheme was started by India. In the Short Service Scheme, there is a possibility a soldier can be promoted to Officer rank. 

But through the Agnipath a Soldier can serve 4 to 5 years. The Soldiers can be promoted to Jawaan rank. If there are skilled Soldiers then they will be recruited into the Normal army. Next is the Salary received by the AgniVeers. The percentage is taken by the govt and contributed to their service.This is the first package report released. There may be changes in the future. Many other Military Schemes may be introduced in the future. 

This is the first package report released. There may be changes in the future. Many other Military Schemes may be introduced in the future. 

What do the Indian people think about the Agnipath Scheme?

Companies to Army Colonels have welcomed the Agnipath Scheme. The Younger generation will have a chance to experience being an Indian army soldier. The youngsters who train in this Scheme will be Law-abiding Citizens and they may be an example for other people to follow. 

The Indian company Mahindra has come forward to recruit the Agnipath soldiers after their service. The army could have trained them well. So they will be loyal and this will be good for the companies. The negative aspects which are told by some people. Youngsters will train with guns. When these youngsters become Soldiers and complete their service.

They will mix with the Normal population. If they don’t have enough jobs or feel frustrated because they joined the army. There are chances that they will protest against the Indian govt. This is true. The age limit is the next issue. From 17 to 21 Yrs old. The youngsters who complete their service in the army will be unable to attend college. 

What will the soldiers do after 4 years of Service?

Will the Indian govt or army aid them in getting jobs?

Will there be jobs created based on the Agnipath Scheme?

These are the questions asked by the Younger Generation of India. 

The next question is, Will the Agnipath be made mandatory?

There is no such plan for Mandatory service. For Ex: In Israel, t here is a mandatory service where all citizens are required to serve their country. But the Agnipath is not a Mandatory scheme. There are youngsters who are patriotic at a young age.

These Youngsters can serve the army for four years. There are middle-aged men who want to serve their country. The army should do something for that age group. They should be trained. If the Indian army announces a scheme for the Middle-aged men it will be great for the Indian army. 

So We have discussed the Total details of Agnipath. The method of recruitment and salaries they will receive. We have also discussed the Duration of the Service. If there is a war against India. These trained Men will be invaluable to the Indian army. India will win the war. If the enemy countries know about these Schemes. They will fear the Indian army and the Indian Public. 

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