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Three killed in Andhra road accident

Amaravati, Jan 15  Three people were killed after two motorcycles collided head-on in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district, police said on Saturday. The accident took place...

Story of a “Self Believer”

Vaishnavi Shinde - Founder of “_popsugarr_” Here is an inspirational story of Vaishnavi Shinde, who started experimenting with baking to kill time. Vaishnavi Shinde is...

Balancing the See Saw of Reel and Real: A Psychological Perspective on the lives of Influencers

Scenic backgrounds, awe-inspiring content, high-class fashion, luscious cuisines andbreath-taking destinations. A content creator’s life revolves around these- isn’t it? It seems like they are...

Da Vinci’s Secret messages

Amboise, France, 1513: At Chateau du Clos Lucé, a 61-year-old Leonardo da Vinci begins work on what will be his final painting. Three years later,...

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