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Congress leader Aziz Qureshi gets another controversy-Tatva


Senior Congress leader, Aziz Qureshi got into a controversy after he expressed dissent over some leaders of his Congress party who talked about religious tours and flaunted being “proud Hindus”. He also said that even if one or two crores out of 22 crore Muslim population in India die, there would not be a problem.

Mr. Qureshi further went on to say that such Hindu leaders of the Congress party raising slogans like ‘Jai Ganga Maiya’ and ‘Jai Narmada Maiya’ was a matter of great shame. He did not even express regret for his remarks and further challenged the party to remove him if they can.

“I have no fear. Remove me from the party. Today, Nehru’s heirs and Congress people take out religious processions, say ‘Jai Ganga Maiya’, and say proudly that they are Hindus. They install idols in the Congress office, it’s about drowning,” Qureshi said while addressing a gathering.

Speaking about the condition of Indian Muslims, Qureshi also stated that all political parties in the country, including the Indian National Congress, should understand that the particular community are not their slaves. “Why should Muslims vote for you? You don’t give jobs. You don’t take them in police, army or navy. Then why should Muslims vote for you?” he asked the party.

A video of Qureshi’s speech while addressing the gathering was shared on X by BJP spokesperson Pankaj Chaturvedi.

Who is Aziz Qureshi?

Aziz Qureshi had previously served as the Governor of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Mizoram. He was also appointed the President of Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy on January 24, 2020, by the State Government. Qureshi has also been a cabinet minister in the Madhya Pradesh government. He was also elected as an MP from Satna in the 1984 Lok Sabha election.

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