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Hawaii wildfires mark the fifth-deadliest


The Hawaiian island of Maui is reeling from the devastating wildfires that erupted on August 8, which have now been classified as the fifth-deadliest wildland fire in the history of the United States. These fires have caused significant loss of life and widespread destruction, both ecologically and financially.

Tragically, the death toll from the Maui wildfires has already surpassed the toll of the Camp Fire that struck California’s Butte County in November 2018, claiming 85 lives. The current count of lives lost in Maui has reached 96, with thousands more displaced and many facing extensive damages.

The situation is still dire, as Governor Josh Green has indicated that a comprehensive estimate of the death toll might take up to 10 days to compile. The number of missing individuals stands at a staggering 1,300, leaving families and officials anxiously awaiting updates. Recovery efforts are in progress, with an expected discovery of 10 to 20 additional victims daily, according to Green.

The town of Lahaina, a community in the western region, has suffered some of the worst consequences. This area, housing around 12,000 residents, has been severely impacted, and most of its inhabitants are believed to have escaped or sadly succumbed to the flames. Authorities have informed that merely three percent of the town has been searched thus far, underscoring the magnitude of the task ahead.

Describing the enormity of the challenge, Maui Police Chief Jeff Pelletier shared, “We are dealing with an area covering at least five square miles, and it holds the lives of our loved ones.” Chief Pelletier has appealed to people with missing family members to provide DNA samples, aiding in identification.

The aftermath of these wildfires is shocking, with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) estimating a colossal $5.5 billion needed for restoration endeavours. The destruction is extensive, with over 2,200 structures damaged or destroyed and more than 2,100 acres of land scarred by the blaze, serving as a stark reminder of the challenging journey ahead.

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