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Modi government defeats opposition’s No-Confidence Motion


The Modi government has for the second time defeated the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha which was brought up by Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi in the wake of Manipur violence which has been happening since May.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi spoke today during the proceedings before the voting happened. The PM spoke for about two hours during which he thanked the people for showing faith in his government and also tore into Congress through his speech and said that the people showed no-confidence in the opposition and kept them out of the government.

The Prime Minister also said that the opposition has proved that party is bigger than the nation for them and the nation is disappointed in them. The PM also criticised the opposition for the type of discussion that they have done and said, “What kind of discussion have you done on this motion. I am seeing on social media ki ‘Aapke darbari bhi bahut dukhi hai’. Fielding Vipaksh ne organise kari lekin chauke-chakke yahi se lage’…”, says PM.

The PM also talked of the achievements of his government and said that this government was restoring India’s lost glory globally. Talking about WHO and UNICEF, the PM said, “WHO said Swachch Bharat Mission saved lives of three lakh people. UNICEF said poor are saving ₹50,000 every year because of this mission. But Congress and other opposition parties don’t believe it. What the world sees, these people refuse to acknowledge it”.

PM Modi said that the Congress hates Modi and that their favourite slogan is, ‘Modi teri khabar khudegi’ and that for three days the Congress MPs have abused him continuously. He also said that whatever the opposition has opposed or insulted has only grown better as he talked of the time the opposition mocked HAL, LIC and Make in India.

“Opposition spoke negative things about HAL. They used to say HAL is finished and India’s defence sector is destroyed. Just like videos are shot in farms, a video was filmed at the door of HAL. The opposition tried to brainwash the HAL workers. Today, HAL is achieving new heights of success, registering highest revenue”.

“Opposition spoke lies about LIC. Today, LIC is growing stronger. Those interested in stocks know they should invest in government companies’ shares”, PM Modi said in Lok Sabha”.

“Opposition mocked Swachch Bharat Mission, Jan Dhan Mission, Digital India initiative and Startup India”, said PM.

Narendra Modi also attacked the Congress by saying that they love defaming India where ever they go and that Congress loved Hurriyat and the seperatists. The PM during his speech also attacked the opposition, saying that they are the ones who are responsible for starting the disputes in North East and Pakistan. He also said that at the time when India was sharing vaccines around the world and helping nations over the world, the opposition was busy defaming the vaccine as they did not trust Indian vaccines.

Modi attacked the I.N.D.I.A opposition saying that it cremated the UPA alliance in their Banglore meeting and also said, ‘To keep themselves alive, the opposition is forced to take help from NDA. But ‘I’ does not leave them. ‘I.N.D.I.A’ comprises arrogance of 26 parties and the one of a family. They even stole ‘NDA” and further added that, “The opposition thinks they can rule India by changing name. The poor can see their name but not work.” The PM also taunted the opposition by saying that Congress is being friends with that Left whose workers vandalised their Wayanad office.

“Congress ignored contributions of Sardar Patel. We constructed gigantic statue of Sardar Patel. We built PM museum dedicated to all prime ministers. They can’t digest seeing a prime minister from outside the family”, says PM. He further said that the people has given his government full majority but the opposition is unable to digest how a poor family’s son became the PM.

He also criticised the Congress by saying that it has been trying to launch a leader for the last so many times but has till date failed to launch him successfully, saying, “I understand Congress’ problem. They have been launching a product multiple times which has failed. They promote ‘Mohabbat Ki Dukaan’, but it is ‘Loot Ki Dukaan’.”

While concluding his speech, the PM said that India will be among the top 3 economies if he is elected yet again and also pleaded to the people of Manipur to maintain peace and Amit Shah’s speech on Manipur was made with the intent to spread the message to the people of India on what the government is doing in Manipur and explaining the matter to them.

After the speaker conducted the voting on the no-confidence motion, the Narendra Modi-led NDA government defeated the motion astoundingly on voice vote. This is the second time Modi is facing a no-confidence motion. By defeating this motion as well, he has won both no-confidence motions. It is also to be noted that no previous Prime Minister has ever lost the no-confidence motion with all them being defeated or being held inconclusive.

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