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Russia says shot down Ukrainian drone in Belgorod region



Russian air defence claims to have repelled an attack by Ukraine in the Belgorod region after Moscow shot down a Ukrainian drone. The Kyiv regime attempted to launch a terrorist attack with an unmanned aerial vehicle on a Russian Federation territory, but the aerial vehicle was detected and destroyed in the Belgorod region.

The Ministry of Defense claimed that Russia’s air defence system detected and intercepted Ukraine’s S-200 missile system, which was converted to a strike version. The incident did not cause any damage or casualties. The Crimean Bridge was not affected by the two Ukrainian missiles shot down by air defence systems in the Kerch Strait area.

Attacks have become increasingly common in the Crimean region, with Moscow claiming that Ukraine launched 17 drones towards Crimea overnight. Russian air defence forces shot down three drones, while three fell in the Crimean peninsula and 11 in the Black Sea. The Defense Ministry stated that there were no casualties. A Russian ammunition depot was also affected by the Ukrainian drone strike in Crimea.

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