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Russian lawmaker warns Poland against Kaliningrad advance – The Asia Live


A Russian lawmaker has warned Poland against stationing troops near the Russian territory of Kaliningrad, causing uncertainty in Eastern Europe. Andrey Gurlyov, a former military commander and member of Russia’s State Duma, warned that if Poland were to station its troops near the region, it would face dire consequences.

He also claimed that Polish authorities were monitoring parts of Ukraine. This comes amid growing unease between Poland and the Wagner Group, a paramilitary organization that has previously fought alongside Russian forces in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The Wagner Group’s presence in Belarus has raised concerns about potential destabilization across Europe, with Poland, a NATO member, at the crosshairs of these geopolitical shifts. Guroliov’s warnings call on Russian officials to take a firm stand as Poland’s forces move closer to Kaliningrad.

However, Polish authorities have shown no interest in taking over the exclave. Despite not moving troops near Kaliningrad, Poland has moved thousands of troops near the Belarusian border, raising concerns about the vulnerability of Poland’s northeastern border, known as the Suwalki Gap.

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