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Serbian miners discovered a valuable archaeological find on the banks of the Danube


A valuable archaeological find on the banks of the Danube, not far from Bulgaria – Serbian miners discovered an ancient Roman ship with a 13-meter hull in a mine.

An excavator in the Dramno mine near the town of Kostolats unearthed a fully preserved ancient ship. According to experts, it dates back to Roman times.

“I have to admit that this was a surprise because it shows that the Romans were already stationed here in the early years of our era. This suggests that they were apparently already present at the time of the Caesars or shortly before,” says Miomir Korac, who is the chief archaeologist of Viminacium Park.

Not far from the find is the archaeological park Viminacium – remains of an ancient Roman city, which probably had a population of 45,000 people, as well as a hippodrome, a palace, an amphitheater, a forum. According to historians, the discovered vessel was probably part of the city’s river flotilla.

“Every discovery we make here – and we make discoveries every day – teaches us something about life in the past,” says Miomir Korac.

Discoveries in the archaeological park so far include gold tiles, sculptures, mosaics, weapons and the remains of three mammoths.

Photo: http://viminacium.org.rs/

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