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Shoaib Akhtar confessing to wanting to hurt Sachin Tendulkar


An old video clip of Shoaib Akhtar’s interview with Sportskeeda from 2022 has gone viral on Sunday where he is seen talking about wanting to hurt Sachin Tendulkar during the third test match between India and Pakistan which took place back in 2006 at the National Stadium.

I want to reveal this today that I really wanted to injure Sachin in that match…I was determined to hurt Sachin at any cost in that match…And I kept at it although Inzamam-ul-Haq asked to bowl in front of the wickets,” the former Pakistani pacer confessed to his ‘unsportsmanlike behaviour.’

Shoaib Akhtar without showing signs of remorse continued, “So I deliberately hit on his helmet and even thought that he (Sachin) would be dead…I saw the replay and found that the ball hit on his forehead…I then tried to injure him again.”

However, this is not the first time he tried to injure any player deliberately. In an old interview given to Sports Tak back in October 2021, he confessed to bowling a dangerous beamer to MS Dhoni in order to injure him in the Faisalabad test match between India and Pakistan in 2006.

A beamer is an illegal delivery in cricket where the bowler does not bounce the ball and bowls it directly to the batsman at such a height that facial injuries and fatal head injuries are also possible.

The Pakistani pacer said, “I had made the same mistake with Dhoni in Faisalabad. I had thrown a beamer at him intentionally. Dhoni is such a nice guy and I respect him. I felt very bad about it. Yes, he is a good player who hit me for a few runs. Why did I decide to attack him (with a beamer)? If the ball would have hit Dhoni, he would have been grievously hurt (do-teen-paanch) in 2005 itself.”  

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