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Winner :Nvidia’s Q2 earning prove it’s the real winner


Nvidia has emerged as one of the biggest winners of the artificial intelligence (AI) boom, with its specialized chips powering many of the world’s most advanced AI systems. The company’s latest quarterly earnings reveal just how rapidly this market is growing.

Nvidia reported revenue of $13.5 billion for the second quarter of 2023, far exceeding Wall Street estimates. This represents incredibly rapid growth, more than doubling from $6.5 billion in the same quarter a year ago.

$6 Billion in pure profit

Nvidia achieved $6 billion in pure profit from the AI boom, backed by $13.5 billion in total revenue. Nvidia has now crossed the threshold to become a trillion dollar company, joining an elite group of tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet.

Massive Growth in Data Center Revenue

The star of the show was Nvidia’s data center revenue, which hit $10.32 billion – up a remarkable 171% from a year ago. This was driven by surging demand for the company’s AI chips like the A100 and H100 to power the exploding field of generative AI. Systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT require vast amounts of computational power.

As AI models become more advanced, the computational requirements are also increasing exponentially. Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang said we are seeing the “largest computing transition in the history of IT” as companies shift to accelerated computing platforms optimized for AI.

Gaming Revenue Still Strong

While data center led the growth, Nvidia’s gaming segment also posted solid results. Gaming revenue grew 22% to $2.48 billion, despite challenging market conditions like supply chain issues and the crypto crash.

Nvidia expects strong near-term gaming demand as it releases new products and users upgrade older cards. Only around 20% of Nvidia’s installed base currently uses RTX 3060 or better GPUs.


Nvidia as the “Shovel Seller” in AI Gold Rush

There is an old saying that during a gold rush, the people who make the most money are those selling the shovels. Nvidia is positioned as the leading “shovel seller” in the AI boom, with its GPUs being essential for companies rushing to build new generative AI applications. Nvidia commands a dominant 95% market share of GPUs for AI according to New Street Research.

Major Investments in AI Infrastructure

Elon Musk has been purchasing large quantities of Nvidia GPUs to power AI projects at his companies like xAI (Musk’s new AI company ), Tesla and Twitter (now X). Other tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Meta are also making massive investments in AI supercomputing infrastructure to run cutting-edge models.

Rival Chipmakers Playing Catch-Up in AI and Winner

As the clear market leader in AI chips, Nvidia is positioned better than rivals like Intel and AMD to capitalize on the generative AI boom.

Intel and AMD are working on new AI chips like Intel’s Mount Evans and AMD’s MI300, but these aren’t expected until 2024. Nvidia is further along in optimizing its chips for AI workloads.

Rival chipmakers are pouring investment into playing catch-up in this crucial market. AMD aims to have AI capabilities embedded in all of its products within 5 years.

Growth Expected to Continue

With the accelerated computing and AI revolution still in early phases, Nvidia expects revenue growth to continue. The company is forecasting revenue of $16 billion for the current quarter, representing another record.

To meet surging demand, Nvidia plans to ramp up supply of its existing AI chips over the coming year. It also has unveiled a new AI chip called the GH100 which is scheduled for launch in 2023. As AI transforms industries, Nvidia’s innovation in silicon will help fuel new breakthroughs.

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