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World Bank suspends new loans to Uganda over controversial anti-LGBTQ law


Uganda’s anti-homosexuality law is fundamentally at odds with World Bank values, financial institution says

The World Bank has said it will suspend new loans to Uganda over a controversial anti-LGBTQ law that has been condemned by a number of countries and the United Nations, Reuters reported.

A World Bank team visited Uganda immediately after the new law came into effect in May. Experts have found that additional measures need to be taken to ensure that the government implements the projects according to the bank’s social standards.

“Our board of directors will not consider making any new loans until the effectiveness of the additional measures has been verified,” the bank said in a statement. The measures in question are currently being discussed with the authorities in Kampala.

“Ugandan’s anti-homosexuality law is fundamentally at odds with the values of the World Bank. We believe that our vision of eradicating poverty… can only be successful if everyone is included, regardless of their race, gender or sexuality,” he added. the international organization.

“We remain committed to helping all Ugandans, without exception, to lift themselves out of poverty, gain access to essential services and improve their lives,” emphasizes the World Bank.

After its new head, Ajay Banga, took office in June, 170 civil society organizations demanded that he take “concrete and timely action” against Uganda’s new law, including freezing future lending to the country.

Human rights groups have condemned the anti-LGBTQ law, which provides for the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality” – a crime that includes sexually transmitting HIV/AIDS – and 20 years in prison for “promoting” homosexuality.

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