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China Prepares for war with US: Nikki Haley


Everything is not going well between the United States and China. The competition between the two has been going on for a long time to maintain their dominance in the world, but in the last year, this competition has turned into a sour one.

Relations between the two countries have seen a rift in the last year. Despite the talks, the possibility of improvement in relations between America and China is not visible at this time. Meanwhile, recently Nikki Haley has made a shocking claim.

Nikki is a member of the Republican Party of America and has also presented her claim for the presidential election to be held in America next year. Recently, Nikki has made a shocking claim and has also warned America. Nikki Haley has claimed that China is preparing for war against America. Nikki has claimed that China has been preparing for war against America for decades. For this, China is increasing its military power.

American MP and Air Force General have also warned

Earlier, US Air Force General Mike Minihan and MP Michael McCaul have also warned America about this. Both have said about this that China is preparing for war against America and can wage war against America by 2025.

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