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WWE global superstar John Cena announces to wrestle in India


In a great moment of delight for all the WWE fans in India, 16-time World Champion and professional wrestling superstar John Cena is all set to enter the ring for his maiden wrestling match in India. In a historic moment, the wrestling icon who last featured in a match in April will be seen at the upcoming ‘Superstar Spectacle’ in Hyderabad on September 8, 2023. Cena wrestling in India will be a huge moment for WWE as they make a return to the country after being away for six years.

John Cena’s extraordinary career as the face of WWE for so many years has been inspirational for a whole generation of audiences owing to his athleticism, charisma, and unquestionable talent. His fights against mighty opponents like CM Punk, the Undertaker, the Great Khali, and Brock Lesnar are still popular among the fans.

WWE Universe in India and wrestle for the FIRST TIME EVER in INDIA!

John Cena tweeted on X, “Cannot wait to reunite with the WWE family live on #Smackdown! Especially excited to meet the #WWE Universe in India and wrestle for the FIRST TIME EVER in INDIA! The time is NOW…. C U all VERY soon!!!”.


WWE informed via their Instagram account, “ John Cena is set to appear on Smack Down on September 1 and WWE Superstar Spectacle in India on September 8”.

Seen only in a few matches since the start of 2020s, Cena has been relatively inactive this decade. Cena had left the WWE for 16 months following a dramatic match in April 2020 before coming back again in July 2021. The athletic wrestler then participated in several untelevised tag battles before working on the main event match against the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam, 2021. This marked the beginning of the “Summer of Cena” live event tour.

After a long hiatus, Cena will be seen fighting at the G. M. C. Balayogi Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad, Telangana which will also mark WWE’s first live wrestling event in India since 2017.

Indian wrestling fans have been long awaiting the return of to India and with Cena arriving in the country, the excitement among the fans has doubled up. Cena’s presence at the ‘Superstar Spectacle’ has already been hyped up and is expected to draw in a huge number of audience, potentially opening up new avenues for WWE in India. It is a landmark moment not only for Cena personally but also for the wrestling company as it looks to expand its bases and cater to its audience in India.

As a result of the ongoing Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild strikes, Hollywood productions are currently halted, thus John Cena appears to have plenty of time to promote. It’s unlikely that he will return back for a full season, but if the strikes continue into the Fall, it wouldn’t be shocking to see him make sporadic cameos into the ring more frequently.

Although, WWE did not officially reveal the opponent for John Cena’s fight, the expectations and fan guesses have already started coming in. The 46-year-old last made an appearance on WWE television at Money in the Bank, where he fought against Grayson Waller. Though it would make some sense if were planning a Cena return match for the Superstar Spectacle, it is not sure if that rivalry would still persist in Cena’s future appearances with the organisation. Waller even mocked the potential WWE Hall of Famer after the news came out.

Cena’s admiration for India

John Cena frequently posts some content related to India on his social media handles. Just a day ago, Cena posted a pic of the Indian tricolor flag on his Instagram shortly after the successful landing of ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 on the Moon.

Commenting on his Instagram post, one fan wrote, ‘Jay Sinha’, while another said, “Get this man a Aadhar card”. A third user lauded his spirit and commented, “Desh ka Cena Garv Se Chauda .”

His timely admiration for India is not hidden from anyone nor the American wrestler shy away from showing his love for the country.

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