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EPFO Updates Policy: Aadhaar Card No Longer Valid as Proof of Birthdate


EPFO Update: EPFO has taken a big decision regarding Aadhaar card. Aadhar card cannot be used to update or correct the date of birth. EPFO has excluded it from the list of valid documents. In this regard, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization has also issued a circular.

EPFO issued circular

Taking this decision, EPFO, which comes under the Labor Ministry, said that the date of birth cannot be changed using Aadhaar. EPFO issued this circular on 16 January. According to this, a letter has also been received from UIDAI. It has been told that Aadhaar card will not be valid for change in date of birth. It should be removed from the list of valid documents. Therefore, the decision has been taken to remove Aadhaar.

These documents including birth certificate will be required

According to EPFO, this change can be made with the help of Birth Certificate. Apart from this, marksheet and school leaving certificate or school transfer certificate obtained from any government board or university can also be used. Its name and date of birth should be mentioned. Apart from this, medical certificate issued by Civil Surgeon, passport, PAN number, government pension and mediclaim certificate and domicile certificate can be used.

Aadhaar should be used as identity and residence certificate

UIDAI has said that Aadhaar card should be used as identity card and residence certificate. But, it should not be used as a birth certificate. Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique identity card. It has been issued by the Government of India. It is valid throughout the country as proof of your identity and permanent residence. However, while making Aadhaar, the date of birth of the people was entered according to their various documents. Therefore it should not be considered an alternative to the birth certificate.

Same instructions were received from the court also

Various courts have clarified the position on Aadhaar Act 2016 many times. Recently, Bombay High Court had also said in Maharashtra vs UIDAI and other cases that Aadhaar number should be used as an identity card and not as a birth certificate. After this, UIDAI issued a circular on December 22, 2023.

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