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BJP Rejects Sushil Kumar Shinde’s ‘Switch Offer’ Allegations, Embraces Backing for PM Modi



Mumbai: In a recent political development, former Congress MP Milind Deora’s shift to Shivsena has sparked speculation about other Congress leaders considering a move to the BJP. The rumor mill gained momentum when Maharashtra Cabinet Minister Girish Mahajan hinted at upcoming “political earthquakes” in the state.

Adding fuel to the speculation, former Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Sushil Kumar Shinde disclosed that he and his daughter Praniti Shinde had received two offers from the BJP. 

Speaking at a Congress function in Akkalkot Taluka, Solapur, Shinde addressed the rumors, stating, “Some BJP leaders approached me and Praniti to join BJP. However, given our deep-rooted connection with the Congress, such a move is impossible. It’s akin to marrying someone else after spending a lifetime with our political ‘mother.'”

Shinde, 83, emphasized the sentimental ties to the Congress, expressing his reluctance to switch allegiances. He further remarked on his daughter, saying, “Praniti is committed to her political principles and will not succumb to the temptation of changing parties.”

Responding to the reports, Bharatiya Janata Party Maharashtra Chief Chandrashekhar Bavankule denied any knowledge of such offers, stating, “I am not aware of any such offers; we haven’t made any to him. However, if anyone wishes to support PM Modi by joining the BJP, we would welcome them.”

Later in the day, when confronted by the media, Sushil Kumar Shinde chose not to disclose the identities of those making the offers, stating, “It’s not something to be disclosed publicly about who approached us. Whoever it is, is a significant figure. Our stance is crystal clear – we are in Congress and will remain in Congress, unwavering in our commitment.”

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