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ESIC Contemplates Expanding ESI Medical Benefits for Gig Workers and Unorganized Labor – Get the Inside Scoop


ESIC: Apart from the people working in the organized sector, the government is also considering providing medical facilities to the gig workers working in the unorganized sector. For this, consideration is being given to providing social security to daily wage workers also under Employee State Insurance (ESI). If there is a change in the rules, then the scope of social security provided through ESIC will definitely increase. For this, the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is continuously holding meetings and considering this.

Government is making plans

According to the report published in Business Standard, ESIC has been making efforts for a long time to include workers working in the unorganized sector in the medical facilities available under ESIC. ESIC has also prepared a blueprint for this. At present, ESIC has not given any official statement on this matter.

Those working in organized sector get social security

Under the ESI Social Scheme of the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948, at present only those companies get the benefit of this scheme, where 10 or more people work and their salary is Rs 21,000 per month. According to the data released by the Labor Ministry, under this scheme, ESI hospitals and 1,547 dispensaries are present in a total of 611 districts of 36 states and union territories.

Through this, more than 12 crore people including a total of 3.72 crore insured people are being given the benefit of this social scheme. If the scope of this scheme is extended to the unorganized sector, then there will definitely be a tremendous increase in the number of insurance holders. In September 2023, a standing committee of Parliament raised questions on the coverage of ESIC and said that its scope should be expanded to people working in gig and unorganized sector. Since then, continuous consideration is being given to expanding its scope.

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