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Indian Bank and OneCard collaborate to develop mobile-first


A public sector bank in India named Indian Bank has established an alliance with OneCard to roll out co-branded, metal, mobile-first credit cards.

Through this agreement, the nation’s tech-savvy consumers will have an unmatched frictionless credit consumption experience.

This partnership, which is supported by a user-friendly mobile app, aims to give users complete digital control over their credit card interactions, including real-time transaction tracking, spend management, EMI conversion, reward redemption, repayments, monthly budget planning, credit limit adjustments, and seamless payments, all in-app. The card has a limitless validity period and has no initiation or annual fees.

Indian Bank is entering into partnership with different Fintechs

Indian Bank is entering into partnership with different Fintechs to offer state-of-the-art technology to its customers. Our moto is to bring the best innovation and technology in our offerings, be responsive to the unique need of each customer through all channels of choice, to provide value to the stakeholders and to empower and engage our employees.” said the Indian Bank’s chief general manager (Retail & MSME), Vikas Kumar.


OneCard co-founder and CEO Anurag Sinha stated that “this partnership is a testament to our commitment to re-imagining and redefining credit offerings by bringing together the strong balance-sheet and long-standing brand & trust of a large public sector.”

OneCard is a metal credit card designed exclusively for mobile use that FPL Technologies launched and manages in collaboration with issuer. In 2019, Anurag Sinha, Rupesh Kumar, and Vibhav Hathi launched FPL Technologies.

Anurag Sinha, Rupesh Kumar, and Vibhav Hathi, who have backgrounds in banking and have extensive knowledge of payments, credit, and starting and growing digital enterprises, created FPL Technologies. FPL is working to rethink credit and payments from the ground up.

This international metal credit card utilises state-of-the-art technology, is loaded with features, and has been carefully chosen to provide a variety of specific benefits.

By allowing cardholders to monitor/track all of their credit card interactions via the feature-rich app, the card adheres to the values of simplicity, transparency, and giving customers back power.

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